Top Black Hat SEO Techniques Those Should Be Avoided

When it comes to creating your blog, it is not just about the content that you need to work on but also ensure that you abide by the various SEO rules related to the website designing and blogs. One of the frequent heard of term related to website and SEO techniques are the black hat SEO techniques which should be avoided at all cost. By the term Black hat SEO technique we refer to the number of spamming methods that are not relevant with the guidelines of the various Search Engines. Here we will give you an overview of the various methods of black hat SEO that are to be avoided.
black hat seo techniques

Irrelevant keywords

Including irrelevant keywords in a content is considered as black hat SEO technique. When you are writing an online article you should focus on the content specifically and must not divert in your choice of keywords just to ensure extra hits on the page. If your topic is about any electronics gadgets then do not drag in irrelevant names like that of celebrities as keywords so that the article shows up even when someone is searching for entertainment news and not gadgets.


Sometimes web designers resort to black hat SEO techniques like cloaking which is basically tricking that presenting one set of content to Search Engines and then putting up another different content which the visitors see. This practice leads to confusion and can hamper your website in case it is caught.

Duplicate content

Another very common issue of the black hat Seo techniques is duplicate content. This is the situation where the content of a web page is duplicated and picked up without any credit being given to the original writer and the related website. This too, can result you in trouble. You can take excerpts in quotes citing the work from where you have taken the information though.

Spam blogs

There are many blogs which has minimum content and all they have are mere software which generate random texts which are rich in keywords and so more traffic gets pulled to the website and all this is done to get the visitors click on the ads displayed in such blogs. The best way would be to give time to your blog post and ensure high quality which would be no doubt widely appreciated by your readers. In this way you can get consistent and loyal visitors who would come back to your site and thus add to the traffic that you get on your blog.

Link Farming

Link farming is consider as Black Hat SEO Techniques. In a link farm page you can find links of unrelated websites. Those links are not only irrelevant to each other, they are irrelevant to the website where they have been added. So getting links from a link farm page is black hat seo practice.


Black hat SEO techniques are bad practices. But you can learn more about SEO and web designing and get trained to avoid such mistakes and practices. The list is not ended here. You can find some more Black hats SEO techniques from internet. So get full ideas on these processes so that you can avoid them without any hesitation.

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