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Saturday , 30 May 2015

Why Should You Choose Full-time Blogging?

why should you choose full-time blogging

If we talk about the online world, Blogging is the most buzzing word in the recent years. Now the thing is why it is becoming so popular and every second person wants to get started with blogging? The simple answer I can give you is, blogging helps you brand yourself on the internet, helps you make money, helps you become ... Read More »

How to make your website ready for Google Mobile Search?

Feature photo

Google rules the web when it comes to organic search. Many other search engines are present like Yahoo, Bing and others but Google is the most popular and most used search engine. Due to the huge usage, every webmaster/website owner follows the search rules which the big ‘G’ makes as it helps their website perform well in Google search. Being ... Read More »

Host1Plus VPS Hosting – A Quick Review


Host1Plus is a VPS hosting company, which provides VPS hosting services that are quite competitive in the market. The purpose of this review is to help the hosting services seekers narrow their research and look for a reliable solution. The primary reason to review Host1Plus VPS hosting is for their affordability and wide range of options. As a trusted hosting ... Read More »

Hide My IP Review – Hide your IP Address from Hackers or Spammers

Hide My IP

Are you worried about cyber-security? Do you believe that prevention is better than cure? Nowadays, it has become imperative that you take adequate precautions to block out hackers and keep your system secure while using the internet freely. Cyber-Crime Is A Real Threat Nowadays, nearly all websites require you to provide your personal information, financial details and even location to ... Read More »

CouponRani Review: Unlimited Shopping With More Savings!


All of us are aware of online shopping and its pros as well when compared to offline shopping. Window shopping hardly happens these days as you get the same products at much cheaper and affordable price online. And, with the help of many coupon sites, you can grab your favorite product at the best deal! CouponRani is one such online ... Read More »

iOS 9 Early Release Knocks at Door

iOS 9

Nobody would put a doubt to iOS 8’s reputation of being a near-perfect operating system for Apple’s mobile device. However, even the fans would agree that iOS 8 is filled with bugs alongside its super cool features. Apple is really working hard to get over the bugs and fix them as better as they possibly can, however these things take ... Read More »

Speakol Review: Is It The Best Blog Commenting Tool For You?

Speakol Review

Speakol is a new and effective social debate platform designed and developed for publishers and people. Speakol (Speak Out Loud) was initially introduced as Naqeshny back in 2012. It allows you to create a social community where people can debate about your content. This will increase interaction and engagement in real-time about various topics on your blog and/or website. But ... Read More »