Zombie Movies on Netflix: A Highlight on Some of The Best Movies

Zombie Movies on Netflix
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Watching exciting zombie movies can be enough to kill the boredom. Netflix is one of the popular destinations or the collection of some of the best movie sit offers. Here you’ll get the list of zombie movies on Netflix that range from the classic Re-Animator to modern gems. Explore the range from Netflix originals.

Zombie Movies on Netflix

Top 6 Zombie Movies on Netflix


Daybreak is a Netflix hit starring Colin Ford, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Sophie Simnett, Jeanté Godlock, Gregory Kasyan, Austin Crute, Cody Kearsley, Krysta Rodriguez, and Matthew Broderick. Watch the new teen post-apocalypse comedy, Daybreak, starring Supernatural’s Colin Ford, particularly as the C-student finding his way through the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested Glendale, CA. In this movie, you can see that Ferris Bueller himself is the most basic teen movie magic to fashion. Have you been looking for the next teen/Apocalypse binge? If yes, then Daybreak is the best movie that is worth watching. Daybreak is proving to be one of the best movies for the teen/genre movie tropes. 


Kingdom, one of the top zombie movies on Netflix, stars Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doo-Nam, Kim Sung-kyu. American zombies turn out to be the driving point of the narrative representing nasty threats, including national anxiety about the disease, capitalism, nuclear war, the collapse of society, as well as racism. Usually, the focus is largely on external forces. In this regard, Kingdom is the representation of how existing structures handle the threat. Viewers will also be exposed to the atmosphere of coping makes them better equipped to return to normal. Audiences appreciate how society adapts to these monstrous allegories. The focus is on the creation of factional city-states of The Walking Dead or even Santa Clarita Diet’s Anne. In this movie, you will be presented with the theme of Korean zombies raging in a society that stays the same. It’s all about the satisfying hero’s journey through fear-based isolationism, misguided magistrates, and class warfare. 

It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night has been presenting the newness brought in the field of zombie movies on Netflix. The movie is not all about zombie fest. Rather, the focus is mainly on the meditation of all those things that happen as the night falls, including images of ravenous humans. 

The Tall Grass

The Tall Grass is the famous short film contained that serves as a part of the sci-fi anthology series Love, Death + Robots crossing multiple genres, including mystery, historical drama, alongside the folktale. The movie presents the zombie struggle worth watching for the movie watchers. 


Australia’s arid Outback is the unusually haunting backdrop to Netflix’s “Cargo”. The movie is a presentation of the restrained, character-driven approach to the apocalypse. The philosophical story presents Andy Rose, who needs to navigate the dangerous new normal of Australia’s zombie-infested interior. He has his wife Kay to accompany him alongside his infant daughter Rosie. When the”Cargo” opens, the viewers can see the trio going downriver on a houseboat, running low on supplies. Also, they’re perplexed about where to go next. The trio needs to go through a series of misfortunes, and at this point, Andy ends up roaming the Outback with Rosie strapped to his back. He is looking for the best place to avoid the hordes of ravenous brain-eaters. They end up meeting an Aboriginal woman who guides them to track down and exterminate all zombies.

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder delivered a modern zombie movie in “Dawn of the Dead.” The opening of the Army of the Dead credits sequence presents the takeover as a series of slow-motion tableaux. At this point, casino patrons hit the jackpot. The Undead Elvis impersonator gets crushed due to a collapsing replica of the Eiffel Tower and aircraft exploding against skyscrapers. The city ends in a situation of chaos. “Army of the Dead” presents the zombie tigers and horses, though the thieves feel imperilled by an undead king and queen, reigning over bloodthirsty civilization in Sin City’s ruins. “Army of the Dead” serves as the splashy, sensational, overindulgent story. 

Final words

Each of these adventurous zombie movies on Netflix is worth watching and will give you incredible thrills while you’re watching them. So, pick each of these thrilling series from Netflix and watch them for fun.

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