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Sec_error_revoked_certificate Error – How to fix It

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It is true that Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) is a great choice for the majority of websites. With the protocol HTTPS, they protect the personal and sensitive data that circulates around the internet. However, the “sec_error_revoked_certificate” issue stops the SSL certificate from working. This will end your secure connection.

The error could be seen in Chrome, Chromium-based browsers, and Firefox with various names. To solve this issue, you need to follow various methods and adjust different options in your browser’s settings.

Causes of Error Code sec_error_revoked_certificate Issue

  • A website’s private key is compromised
  • A certificate authority or CA issues an SSL certificate incorrectly. In March 2019, many SSL certificates were officially cancelled by Apple, Google, and GoDaddy due to non-compliant SSL serial numbers and those causing an operational error. The certificates were issued with serial numbers of 63-bit instead of 64-bit.
  • The site owners want the CA to cancel the SSL certificate because,
  1. They’ve lost their private key,
  2. The certificate’s common name was changed.
  3. The secure site is activated or
  4. Mistakenly, they’ve asked for an SSL certificate for the wrong domain.

So, here are some quick tips for efficiently fixing the error code sec_error_revoked_certificate problem permanently.

How to Fix The Error Sec_error_revoked_certificate

Repair by installing the required certificate

  • Navigate to the Start menu.
  • You can also directly visit Internet Explorer
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Select the Content tab
  • Then, click on the Certificate option
  • Go to the Intermediate Certificate Authorities.
  • Then, click on Import and install the required certificate file in accordance with this error.
  • You can also directly connect to your Wi-Fi Provider Company.
  • Then, click the Apply button.
  • Tap on the OK button to save
  • Once you’ve completed your work, close the tab
  • Restart your computer.

 By installing the required certificates, it will quickly fix this error sec_error_revoked_certificate.

Add the site to The Trusted Sites’ List

  • Go to the Internet Options on your computer
  • A pop window will come. Within the window, select the Security tab.
  • Next, select Trusted sites
  • Click on the Sites button to add site
  • A pop-up window will come. Add the new site and click on Add.
  • Close the window.
  • Next Click OK
Internet properties
Add trusted site

Contact the site owner

The “sec_error_revoked_certificate” error is an internal site issue. If you face the issue, contact the site owner. They may not be aware of the error, so after getting a call or email, they can solve the issue.

It is best to email them using their email address or contact us form. If they use social media, you can also reach them through that channel.

Take a screenshot of the page, and then send it to the site owner. 

However, you might not be able to do any other things from your end. These details will allow the site owner to verify the SSL certificate.

Sometimes this error appears for the server issue, so after contacting the site owner, this problem may be solved.

Use Command Prompt to run an sfc/scannow

  • Open Command prompt or CMD on your computer
  • Write or paste from here this sfc/scannow command
  • Hit the Enter key from your keyboard
  • The scan will be started. 
  • To complete the scan, please wait.
  • Locate the Corrupt File
  • Get a new copy
  • Install the new copy

That’s it, done it will run an sfc scan on your PC to fix this Error sec_error_revoked_certificate.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

SSL errors can occur due to firewall and antivirus. To find out this issue, stop HTTPS scanning. Different antiviruses offer different SSL scanning options. Find the appropriate setting like “HTTPS Scanning,” “Scan SSL,” “show safe result,” “Do not scan encrypted connections,”etc., and disable it. 

If none of these options are available, go to the manufacturer’s help section. There you will find information about SSL and HTTPS settings.

Set up a System Recovery Point on your Windows PC

  • Go to System Restore
  • Next, click on ” Recommended restore” 
  • Click on the Next button after you have made your selection.
  • Follow the screen instruction
  • Close the window after you have completed.

By following the above method, you will get rid of this Error sec_error_revoked_certificate. 


  • Go to the System Property search or visit it.
  • Next, click on the ” system protection” button.
  • Tap on the ” system restore” button and Make a Restore Point there
  • Close the window after you have completed.
  • That’s all.

Running a system restore and creating a new restore point can solve this error from your PC completely.

Reset Your Computer’s Date and Time

The most common cause for miscommunication between a server and a client is that the time and date don’t match. Usually, this issue should not be raised if the automatic sync is ON.

But, if it happens, it can also lead to sec_error_revoked_certificate error. You cannot change the server’s date and time. However, you can reset your system’s date and time.

For Windows search go to Settings > Time & Language > Date & Times

The Set time automatically option is often turned on by default. But, make sure to check all the settings on this window and see if they are in line with the correct date and time.

Date and Time

After you’ve finished, close the window and restart your computer. 

Clean the SSL State

  • Go to Internet Options on your PC
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Select the Content tab
  • Click Clear SSL State to remove the SSL cache.
clear SSL State

Start Windows in Safe Mode

  • Click on Windows icon
  • Next, click the power button
  • Choose the Restart option from there.
  • Remove your battery and insert it again
  • Next, tap on the power button from your CPU or laptop
  • After restarting, choose the ” Safe Mode” option.
  • Wait for a while for resetting.

Running Windows in the safe mode can get rid of this error sec_error_revoked_certificate.

Deactivate Your Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy

Unlike your antivirus and firewall, your VPN and proxy settings can also be a reason for the sec_error_revoked_certificate error. If you do not use these options, these methods are not for you.

If you’re using a VPN 

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Network & Internet Options 
  • Next, go to the VPN page

For proxy,

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Network & Internet Options 
  • Next, go to the Proxy page

Now you need to switch on Automatically detect settings. Check whether you get the sec_error_revoked_certificate error.

Clean Your Browser History

I am using Chrome as a default browser. So, here I have discussed how to clear browsing history on Chrome. 

  • Click on the three-dot icon. You can find it top right-hand side
  • A drop-down list will come. Keep your mouse on More tools. Another drop-down list will come.
  • Select Clear browsing data
  • Next, a pop-up window will come. Make sure to check the Browsing history
  • Then click on the clear data button
clear data
browsing history

I hope this method can solve the error.

Update the drivers on Your Computer

  • Navigate to the Start menu
  • Go into the Control Panel or directly go to the Device Manager  
  •  Click it to open.  
  •  Verify whether a driver is showing an error message or not
  • If you find any error message, right-click on it
  • Next, click on the Update driver software
  • Take a couple of minutes before updating it.
  • After updating Close the tab

Updating your driver by any of these two methods can quickly fix and solve this error sec_error_revoked_certificate from your PC.


SSL as well as HTTPS are created to safeguard the data as we spread across the internet. To protect it, an agency gives you a certificate. So, there is a chance to revoke it. The point of the sec_error_revoked_certificate error is that the SSL certificate has been revoked for some reason.

It’s not as terrifying as it seems. Usually, network issues cause this error. Although this is primarily the result of a server-side problem, and site owners only solve the issue. Sometimes this problem occurs due to the settings of your computer or your browser. So, reset the settings, maybe the issue will be solved.

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