10 Best Rapportive Alternatives in 2022

Rapportive Alternatives
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Email is among the main methods of communication, whether for personal or professional use. However, the way we communicate has transformed into a hazy mode, too – because of the overwhelming number of emails coming from unknown sources. CRM tools can give the user a hand in analyzing the online information of the sender who is not known. Rapportive is among the pioneers in the field of hosting tools. There are many people who are looking forward to Rapportive alternatives to help them get their work accomplished.

Rapportive Alternatives

How do you define Rapportive?

Rapportive is a highly effective Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The CRM tools help you manage your customer’s information and interactions. Rapportive examines your contacts’ profiles and shows you their profiles across different networks on the internet. The app displays the results as a sidebar widget in your Gmail. It was purchased from Linked In in 2012 and was redesigned in 2014. The overhaul has altered Rapportive more than. This has forced us to look out for Rapportive alternatives. Linked In has dropped several features, the Caplets and Notes being two of them. Although many users continue to utilize it, it has diminished its popularity. This is precisely why we decided to present the best alternatives to Rapportive in this article.

10 Best Rapportive Alternatives in 2022

Rapportive has been unable to function correctly. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost all of your items. There are alternative options to all the things that are discontinued. We have compiled the best choices of Rapportive options.


Hubspot is a well-known email extension service that works with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple comes to the rescue with Sidekick. Sidekick, for those who aren’t familiar, is a tool that is specialized in finding contact details.

The tool will provide you with details on the contacts that tried to connect with you. It scans their social media accounts and other profiles on the internet to give you an exact impression of the authenticity of these contacts. The tool doesn’t require you to install any fully fledged software. Install the Chrome extension, and then you’re good to go.

It is necessary to create an account with a Sidekick account. The issue is that it works only using Chrome.


The saying goes that seeing is believing. They claim! It gives you a picture of the actions that your contact. It is a unique Rapportive alternative.

Just hover on the address with the mouse of the contact. The app will provide all details about the profile on social media of the person you’re contacting. You can also get information on the organizations and subjects that the individual is involved in, as well as the photos they have uploaded. Contrary to Sidekick, It also comes with an extension for Firefox, which means it works on Chrome.

The application is more authentic, operates on a larger scale, and offers more information. It can be used on a variety of operating systems.

AboutNumber for Gmail

This is an additional Google Chrome extension that works the same way Rapportive worked before. If you’ve utilized Rapportive before, you’ll notice the similarities to Rapportive.

It’s among the most simple Rapportive alternatives with a simple layout and interface. AboutNumber allows you to gather details about unknown contacts, including the name, the profile picture along with social media profiles, and more. The tool also includes a Notes Section at the bottom.

You’ll have to sign in to your Google account to be able to access it. It also doesn’t operate outside of Google Chrome.

If you’re looking to investigate those you haven’t met, Falcon can be an ideal choice for an application for social discovery. It is quick to locate the profiles of your contacts on social networks.

The tool is simple in its method of operation. Hover with your cursor over an email address, and it opens an additional sidebar with every detail that the tool has the ability to collect. It is one of the top Rapportive options, with the ability to search over 14 social media sites to discover information about the profiles of your contacts.

Falcon operates only on Chrome. Falcon doesn’t require you to sign-up or establish an account.

Connect 6deg

It’s one of the Rapportive alternatives since it does not require an email. It functions as an extension to your browser. The application functions flawlessly across all websites.

Connect 6deg allows users to get access to people’s data, such as their names, social profiles as well as other details. The application claims to provide access to more than 500 social profiles. You’ll need to sign up for Connect 6deg account Connect 6deg account in order to be eligible to use the features the tool provides.

Connect 6deg has been among the most well-known social discovery apps that are currently available. The application allows you to access your contacts from your Linked In profile. The tool is compatible with Google Chrome alone.

It is one of the alternatives to Rapportive that are promising. Discover is among the most effective Social platform that let you connect to the social accounts of your contacts via email.

The tool requires that you install it as an extension for your browser. It can emulate many features of Rapportive. is able to reach out to various social networks, including recent tweets and friendships with mutual friends. The tool is designed to improve the capabilities that Rapportive used to offer before. It accomplishes this by incorporating additional information from the profile on the social media of the person.

FullContact For Gmail

The tool offers another option to use an extractor of social media that functions as a Chrome extension. It is among the most well-known Rapportive alternatives that work seamlessly within Chrome.

The application – as the name implies – gives you complete control over the settings of your Gmail accounts. You have access to your contacts more deeply through their Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and images. And you don’t have to go out of your inbox.

The software comes with several of the Rapportive features that it had previously, including notes. The application gives you access to all information regarding the business, including its size and location.


The plugin is almost identical to Rapportive in all aspects. It is one of the Rapportive-like alternatives.

It is believed to be among the most efficient applications with respect to the capabilities of Rapporto. It is even similar to Rapportive. But, the application is in the process of being developed, so there’s no clear plan for future development.


Ark, Like many of the other social-discovery tools discussed in this article, is a browser extension. It is among the best Rapportive alternatives, that comes with great features.

Rapportive Alternative Ark also supports additional email accounts, apart from Gmail. The accounts supported by the program are Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. The interface bears a striking likeness that of that of UI that Rapportive offers. It can be used with Firefox, too, and in conjunction with Google Chrome. is among the most effective search engines for social networks. It functions on the same to what Rapportive did in the past.

Alternatives to Rapportive doesn’t have an attractive interface, but it does provide solid performance. It doesn’t just focus on your email accounts, but it can work with other social media sites also. You can collaborate with a variety of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and many more.

The extension is offered for Chrome.


The top Ten list of Rapportive alternatives. If you’ve tried one of them, please let us know about your experience. If you believe we’ve missed an important tool we missed, be able to inform us of what we did not cover.

We’re looking forward to your feedback.

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