Privacy Policy

Website and Technology are mainly said to be the tech blog which is intensely working on your privacy for all the time. If you are the one who is in online while visiting here, then the responsibility from here will lead to more safety as well as secure to privacy. When it comes to following this blogs privacy policy, it will help you to understand the information that plans to gather and how it is going to using it further.

At the same time, we used to reveal that people who access the personal information at any time. For more details, you can mail us at [email protected] and feel free to ask whatever the queries you have to clarify it.

Information we collect

When it comes to accessing the website, we used to collect the respective data. We collect some of the primary information through ways like

Cookies: Generally, many people don’t seem aware of cookies and what is. For your information, thus the cookie is said to be the part of a file that is stored with information about you mainly on the PC. When it comes to tracking about the users return, then the website will use cookies. But the fact is we used to collect only some of the information with the help of cookies.

Email subscription: If you are the one who subscribed to Website and Technology, then it is essential for you to provide the email ID. At the same time, if you send any queries to clarify through email, we try to retain email ID, and our response to your question will be sent to your email ID.

Comments: In case, if you are seeking for the comments to pour on one of our available articles, then you will be requested to mention your respective information. One must know that this kind of information will be comprised of Name, email address along with the website that you are allied with. It is essential for you to provide your email address as well as name. Yes, it is obligatory for you to contribute. On the other side, when it comes to providing the website link, then it is non-compulsory.

These are the information we used to collect when you are coming to access this website. At the same time, it is entirely maintained secretly without sharing with others. This thing shows the quality of this website at the end of the day. 

How your information utilize?

Essential information to provide: Thus the given information of yours will be mainly used for administration of the website. At the same time, we consider your queries as a top priority to respond in a quick time. Once you applied for subscribing, we used to share the emails of the posts regarding the updates. Also, you can comment on the posts in terms of registering your opinion. This could be the best way to get more feedback from your side and makes us work frequently. Once the information is provided, we start to keep in touch with you.

Share information: We worked mainly for improving the service quality by collecting the information. At the same time, we offer to the users to enhance the quality of the content which is posted on the website. Also, the collected information from users will be kept secret and do not share with any others for more benefits. Collect information from cookies: When it comes to comparing the user with other users, thus the website and technology have proceeded to use cookies further. Also, we use cookies for preventing the user from unwanted advertisements appearing here on the website. By using the cookies, we can also be able to find that how many people are accessing the website across the globe. This thing makes us receive the honest feedback from users, and it will lead us to perform better for all the time.