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Logitech’s New Vertical Mouse ‘Lift’ Is Ideal for The People with Small Hands

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Logitech has brought a Vertical mouse for people looking for a more relaxing in-hand experience when using their computers for long hours. 

Previously, the company launched their MX Vertical Wireless Mouse and we believe it is one of the best wireless mouse for the iPad. However, when users use MX Vertical, many of them complained that they cannot use the mouse comfortably, unless they are large hand users. Now Logitech is launching a vertical mouse with the name of ‘Lift.’

Logitech recently introduced it’s Lift Vertical mouse which is designed for its users for providing comfort while they will use it for long hours. Users can use their mouse with a natural handshake posture that relieves the strain on their wrists.

Configuration of ‘Lift’

Logitech Lift is designed with a 57-degree angle. It has the essential buttons and the scroll wheel is located at the ideal place. It is 2.8-inches tall, which is shorter than MX Vertical. It features a smooth surface that allows users to use it for long hours.

It is a wireless mouse, which can be connected to up to three devices at a time via Bluetooth. The user can shift between the devices using a button which is placed on the backside of the mouse. Unlike MX Vertical, the Lift works with an AA battery, which is added to the packaging. According to the company, the one battery can support the Lift to work for two years. It’s fully compatible with macOS 10.15 or the higher versions and Windows 10 and 11.

Now talk about the buttons. The lift has normal left as well as right-click buttons, and an additional middle button is also included. The mouse comes with both back and forward buttons. Its scroll wheel is placed between the right and left-click buttons, and can be turned down for functioning. Users can alter the DPI (dots per linear inch) of the Logitech Lift mouse in increments of 100, the range from 400 to 4000 DPI.

Price of ‘Lift’

If you’re among them who spend long hours in front of computers and you have small hands, then Logitech lift is ideal for you but other users can also purchase it. The price of this mouse is 70 dollars which is around 5300 INR and comes in three colours: pink, off-white and black. The mouse is also available in right and left-handed versions.

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