Jennette McCurdy Has Been Offered $300,000 by Nickelodeon Not to Speak About Her experiences, After Cancelling “Sam and Cat”

Jennette McCurdy was one of the most prominent children’s TV stars due to her part in the wildly loved Nickelodeon show “iCarly.” The show featured many questionable elements that viewers prefer to avoid, but it’s loved by kids enough to have seen it at the time it was first broadcast. The show even recently received a more mature revive through its Paramount+ streaming platform.

McCurdy However, she doesn’t appear in the updated version. The recent statements she’s made regarding her involvement in the original version make clear the reason. It is reported in an article in the Washington Post profile, the former child actor is coming out with a memoir detailing her work and life in that turbulent time and with the catchy title “I’m Glad My Mom Died.” 

The book details the abuse she was allegedly subjected to from her mother’s passing and during the filming of “iCarly.” In her profile and autobiography, McCurdy also makes some shocking claims out of her Nick time, when she was on the same bill with her then-future superstar Ariana Grande, who was on the TV show “Sam and Cat.”

According to the Washington Post’s article about Jennette McCurdy’s character, things were not ideal on set for Nickelodeon’s “Sam and Cat.” The article claims that McCurdy had a problem with the co-star Ariana Grande’s burgeoning music career provided her with more power to pursue other projects, whereas her fellow “iCarly” star was not offered similar opportunities. While “Sam and Cat” was airing and Grande’s debut album “Yours Truly” came out with rave reviews from critics and a top place at the top of the Billboard top 200 list.

In the end, “Sam & Cat” was canceled in 2014, and McCurdy says the show’s creators, Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 to keep quiet about her experience working for the network. Given that in her memoir, McCurdy exposes the serious allegations of the abuse she endured while on set, it’s natural that she viewed the cash as a means to keep her secrets.

In the lead-up to the finale, McCurdy also details a particular incident that left her feeling irritated by the entire ordeal. According to her, it was the news that Grande was given a chance to spend time with and play charades with film actor Tom Hanks that McCurdy remembers as a particularly depressing moment in that period. “I love Tom Hanks!” McCurdy stated to The Washington Post. “What I would give to meet Tom Hanks.”

Following the conclusion of “Sam and Cat,” McCurdy had a few larger roles, particularly on the Netflix show “Between,” but has stayed away from acting. As per The Washington Post, she is currently working on writing and directing.

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