12 Games like Corruption of Champions for 2022

games like corruption of champions
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If you like to play the game, you have been a participant in Corruption of champions as it has sparked the interest of many players. You will see a variety of players playing games like Corruption of champions. This has also increased the game’s popularity and the games. Are you aware that games are the most effective way to pass the time and keep people active in the world? They help to relax from the stress of life. If you seek a way to have fun, games are ideal for both adults and children and even for everyone. In this article, we’ll present a handful of games like games that are akin to corruptions of champions which can quickly entice you.

games like corruption of champions

The Corruption of Champions has earned the attention of many game enthusiasts. People who aren’t interested in playing games often search for games like CoC. It is a simple video game where players, who are the citizens of the village, choose the champion of that village each year. In addition, the game boosts the players’ interest in examining the additional tasks and actions during the game.

If you’re the one who are searching for games like Corruption of Champions, we have our top 12 related games with CoC listed here.

12 Games like Corruption of Champions for 2022

Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing is a game that is played using a turn and is one the best games like Corruption of Champions in any dimension. At the beginning of this game, you’ll be able to alter the character that you’ll choose to play. In addition, you’ll still be able to choose the gender you’d like to play with and choose the level of character. You must sign up before you can play.


There are more than two million active users at any given point, Torn is not only one of the most well-known games based on text, but it is also one of the very few examples of hugely multiplayer online text-based RPG.

People who love Grand Theft Auto will probably enjoy this game. Torn offers players the chance to go anywhere and do anything wherever, provided you have the right amount of money. The moderate learning curve means it is accessible to anyone, and the game is addicting. Torn is the best game that doesn’t require visuals to be thrilling.

The Poor

The players playing the game can engage in different tasks such as exploring the game, interacting with other characters, finishing quests, etc. to move forward. There are a variety of choices for customization that make the game unique and more enjoyable.

If you like games that are based on text, this one is perfectly suitable for you. It is best played with the Windows operating systems. It is easy to download and play some of the best and engaging games of the category.

Flexible Survival

It’s one of the most enjoyable games like Corruption of Champions and is a good illustration of the current situation of pandemics we’re facing currently. The single-player version game is available on the blog of Nuku as a text-based game that has a feel of a sandbox. The game was launched in 2008 and represented the survival of players in the outbreak of a virus.

In its simplest form, it’s an action game that is timed. It requires players to ensure that their characters are fed and watered until they are rescued by the military following the infiltration that ravaged the area by transform nanites. The most appealing aspect of this game is the fact that it’s very compatible with all games and Operating Systems available and is playable without a lag issue.

If you’ve already played the corruption of the champions and enjoyed it, then you’ll surely come to be awed by Carnel Souls. It offers alike experience similar to the game of Corruption. It’s a text-based game played via the web.

The game is based on concepts from Elder Scrolls and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt etc. The game lets players pick the character they want to play and determine each aspect of their appearance. Apart from that, you can pick the type of combat used by the character and additional options.

The game is available in two offline versions: the demo version and an alpha version. It’s an extremely enjoyable game that works with almost all browsers.

Fall of Eden

The game is based on the theme supernatural that includes demons and imps, and this game was created by Fenox. The game begins with a player examining an abandoned neighborhood and stumbles upon the entrance to hell and earth.

The players must get protection and guidance from goddess Aria. The players have the option of customizing their character. The game works with a variety of browsers.

Free Urban Communities

Think about it as a bondage game similar to Corruption of Champions. The game was created to play on The Twine 2. In addition, the program improved it by allowing it to be played on the internet.

Although the game does not provide players with the possibility of modifying their characters, players can take advantage of incredible forces and can complete various tasks such as preparing, purchasing or selling items, dealing with the slave course, and much other. The player must provide great footwork for slave-like interest and scans to ensure that they are in a position of sensible and service.

Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space is a game like Corruption of Champions and created by the same company named Fenoxo and their team as CoC. Additionally, it is the most popular text-based RPG game following CoC.

TITS is well-known for its sexually explicit content, such as CoC. This allows you to easily modify and give more capability than our number one spot in the game, TITS, which is the Kingdom of Loathing. Its gameplay revolves around exploring and adventure and getting new characters into the game as you explore. The entire game is based on interplay and sex. The game starts with a wrecked ship left by the father of the player and then sets out to make more money and influence around the globe.

The entire premise in the game is keeping the game high on lust while maintaining the balance between exotic and sexually erotic items. Trials, as well as Tainted Space, are that is full of passion and are a must for those seeking a game that is like CoC.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

If you’re looking to feel the genuine excitement and magic of text-based adventure games from the past and adventure games, then you must play Cypher. You won’t only fall completely in love with the music of this game, but also the graphics are captivating. However, there is a distinct difference with this particular game, Corruption of Champions, which includes other games on this list, which deal with erotic scenes. In Cypher, the emphasis lies on the written portion.

The enigmas of NeoSushi City, a place that this amazing game is based on, is a myriad of. There are a lot of locations to explore. The pleasure of experiencing the Capsule Hotel with a talkative elevator, which is the first such elevator that the world has ever seen. If you’re looking for an entirely new world of games that are based on text, then you should try Cypher.


This game is unique in that it works with many devices. It can be played with Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. It’s a great game to play because it includes horror-fantasy elements too. Your goal is to stop historical events from happening.

Gift of Phallus 2: The Key to Eternity

Gift of Phallus 2: the Key of Eternity will be the only game that cannot be played online. This means that you need to download it to your system to be able to participate in the game. In addition, this game comes in two variations. One is text mode, and the other option is multimedia.

The players playing this game will be a 14-year-old princess Dalia. This game is divided into various levels. In addition, you might encounter some sexual items in the final phases during the gameplay.

My very own Lith

It’s a thrilling game for browsers that gives players the feeling of a smooth adventure. It features a flexible control system as well as audio. There are a variety of options with the Lith game when you play the game. Lith is the protagonist of a game. It’s a timid cat with basic needs. He wants to make a new acquaintance. It is possible to unravel the mysteries of Lith as you play the game.

Wrapping Up

The majority of the action games are made up of creating adventures, such as making items and exploring the game’s environment. You can choose to play as a solo player or join a multiplayer game and build your team. When they explore, players are faced with combat situations, where they take on monsters and also non-combat encounters.

After you have learned about the games like corruptions of the champions, it is not difficult for you to determine which one you would like to go next.

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