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What is Error 3835? How to Fix It?

Error 3835
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It can be frustrating when you try to watch your favorite show on Hiddenout.TV (also known as Smores.TV and Engageme.TV before) and get interrupted by an error. I’ve been there. To that end, I am here to help you fix error 3835.

Error 3835

There are several ways to fix error 3835: Turning off VPN and Proxy, turning down hardware acceleration, and using a system repair program. You can find detailed explanations of each method below.

What is error 3835?

Users reported error 3835 smores. error 3835 is reported on two popular Video streaming platforms. Some users reported that they got the message that smores or is blocked by Hideout. We also need to identify the methods to solve issue 3835.

Hideout is the main reason. The reason TV viewers are unable to access the Hideout or have faced the problem because they live outside of the permitted country. The hideout can only be accessed by those who live in the countries below:

  • Canada.
  • The United States.
  • Australia.
  • Sweden.
  • Denmark.
  • Germany.
  • Newzealand.
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland.
  • Norway.

If you don’t live in the countries listed above, you won’t be able to access the Smores. tv, or the Engageme. tv. To resolve Error 3835, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

How to Fix Error 3835?

Stop VPN and Proxy Temporarily

Error 3835 is most likely due to the activation of your VPN or Proxy on your device.


Follow these steps to disable VPN:

  • To open the Task Manager, press and hold the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” key.
  • Click on the End Task to select all entries that are associated with your VPN.

Follow these steps to disable Proxy:

  • Hold down the “Windows+R” key simultaneously on the keyboard. Open the run box to search for the control panel.
  • Navigate to Network and Internet in the control panel, and then click on “Internet Options.”
  • After you have reached the “Connections” page, click on “LAN Settings.”
  • Click on OK to uncheck the box parallel to “Use Proxy Server for Your LAN.”
  • After you’ve completed all the steps above, verify that the error 3835 has been resolved.

Check the hardware works on all gadgets and is easily accessible. Some gadgets might have unique builds and cannot be used. These gadgets could be interfering with You can try viewing from another device or machine to verify that the error 3835 is fixed.

Use System Repair Tool

Sometimes the problem may be in your computer itself. This article discusses how to fix the error and other issues that can be caused by a system repair tool like Outbyte (for Windows).

Whether Your Account is Banned Accidentally

Your account may have been accidentally banned because of fraudulent activity or other non-complaining viewing behaviour. You can confirm that your account has been temporarily blocked by fraudulent activity. You will need to click the submit request button located in the top right corner on Hideout. tv’s official website. This will allow you to submit a query about error 3835.

Get in touch with their Support

Hideout.TV can help us fix our error 3835. If none of these solutions work, contact the support team using the Submit A Request button.

Reinstall Mobile Apps  

The error message you receive while viewing videos might indicate that the application you are using is corrupted. Clear all cache files in such cases. If the problem continues, you can remove the application from your mobile device. Reboot the device and try again to install the app. This should work.

Remove Software Priority Conflicts

If more than one program is running, they search for priority processes. The priority clash could easily occur, which can cause the error 3835 MS Access. Navigate to Task Manager and carefully examine the apps that consume more memory. Click on the appropriate application and click “End Task.”

Fix the Runtime Error in Internet Explorer

The error 3835 can occur if the default browser of Windows is affected by a runtime error. If Microsoft Access is affected, you can reset the browser’s settings and disable scripts. If you’re using Windows 7, navigate to the Control Panel and select the “Internet Options,” as well as the “Advanced” tab. You will find the “Reset” option here.

Next, disable script debugging. Look for the “Disable Script Debugging” option in the same tab. Click on Apply to remove all boxes. To make the changes take effect, restart the system.

Make sure to clean up your Disk Drives

You may have residual files in your disk drivers. This is why Microsoft Access displays the error 3835. Navigate to “My Computer” and “This PC.” The disk drives can be easily seen. Verify the system drive first. It’s usually C: for all systems. To open “Properties,” right-click on the drive. Click on the “General” tab and click on “Disk Cleanup.” After the files have been gathered, click on “Disk Cleanup.” Microsoft Access will no longer show the error.

The Run-time Library: Download the New Version

Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable file is the system runtime library. It might be possible to fix the problem by updating to the latest version. You can find the most recent version on the Microsoft support website. Extract them and then install them. Restart the system to make changes effective.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

  1. Open your Browser Settings.
  2. Search for “Hardware Acceleration.”
  3. It should be turned off.

I trust you are now able to correct the error. Even if this is not the case, it’s still possible. We’ll keep trying until we find the right solution for error 3835.

MS Access Error 3835 Fixed

Solution 1: Use the Licensed Version over Cracked Version

Many people have this problem when they use an unofficial cracked version of Microsoft Access. If you are experiencing this error, please switch to the official version. Yes, it is expensive, but developers are getting their rightful money. Cracked software can contain malware and viruses. It is always better to avoid them.

Solution 2: Give MS access priority and close others

Software conflicts can be caused by multiple programs running in the background. This can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. You should close as many other applications as possible than MS Access. Close all other applications than MS Access if possible.

Multiple softwares can cause memory conflicts. This could lead to error 3835 in Microsoft Access.

Solution 3: Install the most recent Runtime Libraries

Many errors can occur when you outdate the system runtime library. This system runtime libraries include Microsoft C++ redistributable file and can be downloaded from the Microsoft official website.

  • Download the X86 version if you use 32-bit
  •  Windows.
  • Download the X64 version if you use 64-bit Windows.

Solution 4: Try Running Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup should be performed every once in a while. It removes any unnecessary files from your hard drive. This could also fix error 3835 in MS Access. Here’s how it works:

  1. For most people, it is C. It’s easy to find out the location by opening each drive and looking for folders like “Program Files,” Users, or Windows.
  2. Right-click on the drive and open “Property.”
  3. Click “Disk Cleaning” in the General Tab.
  4. Wait for the process to complete, then select all items and click on “Clear up system files.”

This will not harm or delete any important files. Although this is not necessary to correct the error, it is a good idea for each drive to run Disk Cleanup. This will delete any remaining files and may speed up your computer.

Solution 5: Fix Internet Explorer for Access

Although it sounds strange, this is true. It is possible for your Internet Explorer to experience “Runtime Error” occasionally. This can be fixed:

  1. Go to Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon at the top right.
  3. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab.
  4. Just click on “Reset,” and you’re done.

Frequently Ask Question

How can I fix errors 3835 easily?

You can fix errors using the troubleshooting method we’ve provided. In short, you need to test the proxy and VPN as well as you may also disable hardware acceleration. This must be monitored. If you are banned from the site, check that you have not done it wrongly. You can use any of these methods to fix error 3835 on or

Why the Error 3835 Encounters on Smores TV, Engageme TV

This error could happen in Smores TV and Engageme TV if you use the VPN or any other Proxy in multiple tabs. It is best to keep them in one tab. This will resolve Error Code 3835 on your device.

Final words

If none of the above steps worked, you can contact the support center. You can call the support centre at the toll-free number. They will listen and help you explain the situation. They will be able to provide a solution after a thorough analysis. They will hopefully have a solution that eliminates the error.

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