Barry Season 3 Finale Recap: A Big Moment for Gene And Barry

Barry season 3
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Barry finished its third and final season on HBO with an adrenaline-inducing finale. But it was an unsettling conclusion for the main character. We’ll still meet Barry on Purgatory Beach in the morning and is now with Gene as well as Sally. Barry wakes up on the hospital mattress. He is rushed back to his house, and Sally will be waiting to meet his arrival. 

Sally recalls him telling the BanShe manager, “I need you to do this with Natalie.” Sally wants Barry to enter her home and take photos of her sleeping; however, Barry isn’t willing to say:

“After all this, I know where I’m going. After I die… and I don’t want you to go the same place.”

But they’re interrupted by a shrewd guy who is able to knock Barry down and strangles Sally to the point of death… after which she stabs his neck using an ice cube. When Barry is finally able to come, Sally beats the guy to a pulp using a baseball bat. He stops her and demands her to tell him, “Barry did that” before sending her home.

In the meantime, Gene is collecting new job offers when he receives an inquiry from Janice’s father, Jim Moss, asking Gene to meet Jim. Jim has put two chairs inside his garage and employs his interrogation skills to ask Gene about Janice. 

Gene claims he loves Janice; however, Jim then asks, “Do you love Barry Berkman?” Gene replies that he doesn’t, but Jim turns his back and then yells in his face, questioning why he’s trying to protect Barry. Gene then collapses into crying sobs. At the police station, Fuches says he isn’t able to know the Chechen pin that was left behind from the shooting last season and is put in jail.

And we’ve not forgotten about Noho Hank He’s being held in a Bolivian jail cell, and the man next door claims he’s been taken from their chains… But then an officer arrives, and Hank is able to hear a fight, which is followed by a scream of horror that sounds like an ominous wild tiger (!) breaking the man apart. 

The animal soon punches an opening in the wall, and then he quickly yanks on the handcuffs of his victim until they break in half, destroying a guard before firing his massive gun, hurling a torrent of bullets that pierce the cell next to him. Hank is seen with the gun and goes to a second room, and there Cristobal is killed by his wife while dancing with a sexy Man dancing. It’s likely to get rid of his sexuality. Hank shoots the dancer and the woman dead and then pulls a frightened Cristobal into a tight embrace; however, Hank is still looking worried.

Barry is back on the mountaintop in the season premiere, placing the attacker’s bodies in a shallow grave when the cops stop him by Albert. The police officer wants to know what the man was paid to take out the man… also then kill Chris. Barry is thrown to the ground shaking. As Albert shoots at him, Barry screams and ducks and covers his head. 

Albert relaxes and acknowledges Barry for helping save his life “I am aware of evil Barry. It’s not your fault that you’re not angry.” But Barry tells him that the whole thing needs to end “immediately,” before he goes away.

Barry contacts Sally out of his automobile and arranges for them to travel together. But little does he realize she’s on the same flight as her hometown of Joplin. He gets a telephone call coming from Jim Moss wanting to discuss Janice’s passing. Barry apologizes and then calls Gene, who is desperate: “He’s going to ruin my life. I’m not able to get this.” Gene also owns an assault weapon. Barry runs to him and discovers Gene on the street, shouting at him for having the gun. 

Barry decides to call Jim. However, Gene warns him that “He knows everything, Barry.” Barry enters Jim’s home with his gun of Gene in his hand. He shoots at Jim’s head. we hear “Drop. The gun.” the f-king gun.” In a flash, 12 police officers wearing large arms and body armor arrive to Barry and bring Barry into custody. Gene stares Barry in the eyes while he’s taken away.

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