A Concise List of The Best Animated Movies on Netflix

Who isn’t a fan of anime movies? From the children to the adults, everyone loves watching animation movies and especially the ones that can be watched on Netflix. have you been asking what the best-animated movies on Netflix are? Right from the legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli to some of the latest Hollywood studios elections is making the Netflix originals worth watching. Explore the range of the animated movies in the list of best Animated Movies on Netflix.

Animated Movies on Netflix

7 Best Animated Movies on Netflix

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Directed by Mike Rianda, The Mitchells vs. The Machines is an incredible movie on Netflix that presents the family road trip comedy with a science-fiction twist. Mike Rianda and Jeff Rowe have written this story. The Mitchells vs. The Machines. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation begins when the protagonist, an aspiring filmmaker, comes across the disagreement with her father. The dad drives her to college himself. It turns out to be the ultimate effort to bring the family together. The road trip coincides with a full-on robot uprising. What makes the movie impeccable is the fact that the presentations are hilarious, heartwarming, and visually stunning.


Directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler and written by Chris Butler, ParaNorman is one of the best Animated Movies on Netflix. Stop-motion animation seems to be the increasingly rare medium concept. 2012 film ParaNorman blends the beautiful stop-motion artistry with Halloween haunts. The story represents the day of Halloween following Norman, a young boy who can see and speak with the dead. You’ll come across the surprisingly emotional reason for said curse. This movie is the representation of strong themes about bullying.

The Breadwinner

This 2017 animated film is the representation of the 11-year-old girl living under Taliban rule disguising herself as a boy for gathering money for her family after the father is taken away. It uses wonderfully-drawn vignettes to stress the importance of storytelling.


The 2018 Japanese anime flick became the Oscar nomination some years ago. The movie Mirai is one of the best-animated adventure movies that aren’t from the famed animation house Studio Ghibli. The Voice cast includes Rebecca Hall and Daniel Dae Kim. The movie is a representation of the young boy discovering a magical garden allowing him to travel back and visit his ancestors. The younger sister from the future guides him throughout the journey.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The 2021 Netflix hit is the exploration of the early years of OG monster-hunter and Geralt mentor Vesemir. Theo James is the voiceover artist of the Witcher. The movie is a very thrilling one and has been an attention-grabbing one for animated movie lovers.


2017 movie MFKZ is a wildly imaginative sci-fi film based on a comic of the same name. The movie is set in the Dark Meat City (DMC). This is the story of a young man named Angelino who meets a beautiful girl. Then the man gets hit by a truck and begins seeing weird things around the city. Consequently, the man becomes the target of some mysterious government agents. Also, he gets involved in the alien conspiracy ring trying to take over the planet. What makes the movie one of the Best Animated Movies on Netflix is the fact that it presents stunning visuals.

A Whisker Away

Directed by Junichi Sato, Tomotaka Shibayama, and starring Mirai Shida, Hiroaki Ogi, Koichi Yamadera, Natsuki Hanae, Minako Kotobuki, A Whisker Away is the perfect example of the beauty and touching romance. Throughout the anime, you will come across emotional loops. Also, it’s the presentation of the otherworldly magic from the canon of Miyazaki mixing well with an honest presentation of the mental health issues of its characters. When you watch the movie, the first thing you will notice is that all the characters are a little annoying when you meet them. The characters are all middle schoolers impressing viewers with realistic animation of smaller-town Tokoname life.

Final words

We’ve listed the names of some of the top Animated Movies on Netflix. Each of these movies has incredible storylines that makes them so worthy of watching. So, pick the best movies from the list and start watching them.

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