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UUkeys Windows Password Mate Review – Reset Forgotten Password on Windows System

Usually, we lock our computer/laptop to protect our system from unauthorized users, but sometimes we forget the password and think to reinstall the operating system on our PC. Today I will bring a solution for you that lets you reset the forget password instead of reinstalling OS, and the process applies to Windows system.

Today I will add UUkeys Windows Password Mate Review in this article. This software helps you to open an inaccessible computer, which can’t be accessed due to forgotten password.


Before discussing the process to use UUkeys Windows Password Mate.  Let’s see the useful features which are offered with this software.

Features of UUkeys Windows Password Mate:

  1. You don’t need to have the good technical knowledge to use it. It is developed using simple design so anyone can use it.
  2. It gives two flexible ways to rearrange password. You can reset it using either CD/DVD or USB Pen Drive.
  3. This software is 100% virus free. So you don’t be worried about the damage to your computer.
  4. It supports multiple Windows versions including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP, It works with Windows Servers 2008(R2), 2003(R2) and 2012(R2).
  5. UUkeys Windows Password Mate is compatible with the different laptop and desktop like HP, Sony, IBM, ASUS, and various servers.
  6. It is also compatible with multiple Hard Disk Drives including SATA, SCSI, IDE,

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How does UUkeys Windows Password Mate Work?

After reading the features of UUkeys Windows Password Mate, you may want to know how this software can be used. Using this Windows Password Reset Software is not a big deal. You just need to follow some simple steps and rearrange your forget password with this software.

Let’s see,

  1. You need to download and Install this UUkeys Windows Password Mate on a Windows system, which is unlocked. The Installation process is same what you follow to install other software. You need to check the box for adding a shortcut icon of this software on the desktop so after completing this process you can find it easily. When the installation process is completed, the user interface will come on your desktop. So you can start immediately if Here I want to mention a major thing that for installing this software, your computer should have minimum 76.0MB free space.
    uukeys Windows Password Mate
    uukeys Windows Password Mate 1
    uukeys Windows Password Mate 2
    uukeys Windows Password Mate 3
  2. You need to build password reset disk using a pen drive or CD/DVD. You can get two different ways on the home screen of UUkeys Windows Password Mate. Here I have connected Pen Drive with the computer where the software has been installed and click the “Burn USB” from the user interface of it to create a password reset disk. I have used USB Drive because I didn’t have blank CD or DVD at that time. But you can use this for the same When you burn a USB Drive or a CD/DVD, you should make sure that it has enough storage (minimum 250MB) and backup the files which are already in it. When the burning process is started, there is a chance to delete the previous data which is already in USB Drive or CD/DVD.
    uukeys Windows Password Mate burn USB
    uukeys Windows Password Mate burn USB 1
    uukeys Windows Password Mate burn USB 2
  3. When the reset disk is ready, you need to connect it to locked computer and switch on it. You need to enter the Boot section from BIOS setup of the inaccessible computer. You need to change the first boot Drive to USB Drive and select “Yes.” Start rebooting the computer immediately and you can see a screen to change the password. In that screen, you can see two In the 1st Step you need to select the particular operating system, and in the 2nd step, you can see all user accounts which are created on this computer. Choose the user account for which you want to reset the password and then hit the reset button. The password of the selected account will be blank immediately.
  1. Disconnect the Pen Drive and turn on the computer. You don’t need any password to switch on it. After that, you may add a password to protect your computer from unauthorized users.

So uninstalling Windows is not a right decision while you forget the password of your computer. By using UUkeys Windows Password Mate, you can easily reset the password of any users on any Windows PC/laptop. The above process may not work for you. But why? When you can’t rearrange the password using this software you need to recheck the following process,

  1. You should be ensured that when the burning is done You will see a pop-up with “Burning Successfully” message. If you do not see this pop-up, then format your Pen Drive and burn.
  2. In the old computer, not all USB ports work correctly. So if you can’t reset the password, change the port, and you may get a satisfactory
  3. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is activated by default on some computer. You need to deactivate it and convert the secure boot to Legacy.

Now you never face any trouble to reset your password using UUkeys Windows Password Mate.

You can face problem while you burn a USB Device or CD/DVD.  How do to overcome it?

  1. You need to check that there is enough space on the USB Drive/CD/DVD. The necessary space is minimum 250MB. If the drive does not meet the requirement, then you cannot successfully burn it.
  2. Before burning, CD/DVD or Flash USB Flash Drive, format it to FAT or FAT32. But never use NTFS for burning.
  3. Sometimes your flash drive/DVD/CD is broken, but you do not understand it from the interface. So if you use broken device, then the burning process is not completed successfully. So replace the old flash drive/DVD/CD with a new one and burn it. I think this process will be completed


UUkeys allows you to use the trial version of Windows Password Mate. The trial version comes enough supports but limited use. If you get a satisfactory result after testing the free version, then you can buy it for $29.95. The paid version packs with lifetime license code, lifetime upgrade facility and technical support.

Final Thought

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is a third party software to reset Windows Password. Never be afraid about the existing data loss from your computer when you use this software for resetting forgotten password. It is one of best alternative methods of factory reset and reinstalling Windows OS. Please share this article with your network to help other persons who are facing the same problem. You may comment down if you face any problem while you are using it.

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