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SqlBak Review: A complete solution for Data Backup and Protection

While we are working on a computer, sometimes we lose some of our valuable data due to technical or manual errors. We can get out of this situation by backing up our data at some place from where we can easily retrieve it when required. When we backup our data online it gets automatically saved on various servers and make backup files from where you can quickly retrieve the data whenever and wherever you required.

SQL server backup is one of the best sources of backing up your data, the only thing you have to do is to sign up in and click the backup option there. These files can store your data for a longer time, and therefore you don’t need to worry about the loss of data due to various reasons. This backup server is easy to use and maintain and enables you to get information of your data and latest updates through email alerts.

How to handle Sqlbak

The SqlBak is very easy to handle. You can find some simple steps to work with it. Go to the and click on the download. Next, you can find the download option as you see in the image.

download Sqbak 1

download Sqbak

You will get the .exe file the software. Save it on your computer. Open to the folder where you have kept the file.

Double-click on that file and start installing. Once the download process gets completed, double click on the Launch option and wait for the installation process to get completed.

sqlbak is installing

After finishing the installation, you will find an icon on your home screen from where you can easily run the SqlBak on your device. When you are going to run it, you will be asked secret key.

secret key window

Go to the official website of the SqlBak and create an account by adding your name, email address, and password. You may also create the account using your Twitter/Facebook/Gmail Account.

sign up form

On the successful completion of the registration process, you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard of your account where you can get the secret key to your account.

Sqbak dasboard

Again go to the home screen or start menu and click on Sqbak icon. Copy the key from the dashboard and paste in the application and hit the “Connect to SqBak Account” button.

connect to the sqbak account

Now, run the SQL Server Backup from the icon present on your home screen and enter the secret key provided on the dashboard of your account here along with the name of your computer system and click on the connect option.

connecting to Sqbak

The connection process will take a few seconds, and once you get connected to the server, you will automatically get notified with the help of a pop-up message.

message to be connected

Connect to the SQL Server from your computer by entering SQL Server name, user name, and password. The process of being connected completes after clicking on the save and close option. Now, go to the setting options of your account and backup the target folder by clicking on its name. Once you have clicked on the desired folders to be a backup, the server will automatically get backup the files in that folder and also make you notice whenever an update is done.

Sqlbak Version

SqlBak is present in two different versions from where you can choose your desired version. You can easily download both the versions to your computer from the official site of SqlBak.

  • Free or Trial Version which offers no cost for backing up your data, but includes some of the limitations.
  • Licensed or Premium Version which is the paid version of SqlBak and includes all the advanced features of the app without any restrictions.

Features of Sqlbak

The main features of the SQL Server Back are: –

  • It enables you to backup multiple files at a single time by just clicking on the multiplebackupfiles.
  • Along with the backup option, it also enables you to export and share data files with other computers.
  • It is perfect software which backup directly without requiring any virtual environment for working.
  • It enables you to export data on the SQL server, and the live status window lets you view the current status of the data exported. It keeps you informed through email alerts about the latest updates on your account regularly.


It is perfect software which enables you to backup and export data on the SQL Server. The stored data can be retrieved online from anywhere in the world. The paid version of the SqlBak is the best one which includes no restrictions and limitations on storing and saving the data on a remote server. It is a perfect source of keeping data on a large scale. So, why are you waiting, just go to the official site of the SqlBak, backup your data and feel relaxed without worrying about the data loss?

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    Glad to read this informative post. Yes, many people lose their data due to technical or manual errors and it’s a big situation. There is many backup software but all are not easy to use.

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