Sothink DHTML Menu: Perfect JavaScript Menu Builder for Your Website

Navigation menu bar is one of the important parts of a website. Usually, it is used in a site for keeping the important pages in one place, and visitors can easily find out those pages. It lets the visitors stay for a long time on a website as well as it increases returning audiences for the same site. Though the navigation menu is specially designed for audiences, so it should be clean and comfortable to use. You should make the navigation menu responsive so when people visit your website on mobile, in will be entirely visible there.

Sothink DHTML Menu

About Sothink DHTML Menu

With this software, you can be able to create a perfect drop down menus in no time. You can create the menu in JavaScript but it does not demand proper technical knowledge, an amateur can use it without any hassle.

Information about Sothink DHTML Menu

  1. File Size: 10.84MB
  2. Available Version: 9.8
  3. Uninstall: Supported
  4. System Requirement: XP/Vista/ Windows 7 and above

Features of Sothink DHTML Menu

Sothink DHTML Menu packs some useful features which make it popular among the webmasters or website owners.


  1. It is compatible with iPad website.
  2. It supports most of the popular browsers including Internet Explorer (Version9), Crome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  3. It can work with Dreamweaver, AdobeGoLive, Expression Web and Frontpage
  4. You can create the JavaScript Dropdown Menu using Sothink DHTML Menu which seamlessly integrates with ASP, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET and more.

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Functional Menu Creation:

  1. With the help of this DHTML Menu Builder, you can create various menus including Tab Menu, Scrolling Menu, Highlight Menu, Custom Menu, Floating Menu,
  2. It can help you to hide a menu or any particular item from your website.
  3. You can quickly set the menu bar anywhere on your website.

Functional Menu

Functional Menu1

Easy to Customize

  1. You can get the chance to customize the various elements like background, icon, transparency, effects, size, border, cursor, of this DHTML Menu Builder.
  2. You can adjust the width at a percentage in iPad JavaScript Menu so that viewers can easily check your website on their iPad in any mode.
  3. You can set image for icon, background, arrow and more.
  4. You can get the facility to adjust the color, brightness, tint for a picture.



  1. This JavaScript Menu Builder packs 100 templates with 30 styles, and you can get an picture library here also.
  2. This software comes with a publishing guide which helps you to upload navigation menu on your website.
  3. It supports W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 and you can add any HTML Code within this DHTML Menu Builder.
  4. You are allowed to save the background color in authority files and can edit next time if it is required.


You need to spend 65USD to purchase this excellent software, but I suggest to go for its 30 days free trial version to understand the technical parts of it.

Final Words

If you don’t have any technical knowledge how to use CMS to build up a website, then you can go for Sothink DHTML Menu. It packs some stunning templates and colors those attract every user. If you find this article beneficial, please drop your comment here. If you have some query regarding this software, then feel free to ask me. I will find out the solution of your query.

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  • Hey Moumita! Thanks for the article. Certainly the menu bar is sometimes overlooked, yet if done well, is a powerful tool for retention and revisits. I have often found myself searching for a menu bar on a site that is not well placed, or missing information. If your site is about teaching tenning, I would like to see something in the menu bar to contact you – “work with me” or “hire me” or “need a coach”. Don’t make me search your entire site for your contact information lol. In any event, thank you for sharing your experience with DHTML menu! – Anthony

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