As A Simple Smartphone How You Can Control Your children?

Parental control is something that parents are worrying about how they can do proper care of their kids. Especially those parents where both mom and dad are working, parental controls are a tough job.

Although you can hire a caretaker who can take care of your kids, the difference can be easily seen. But the good news for you is, with the advancement of technologies you can easily manage your kids remotely.

Protect your children from a phone

For this, all you need is a smartphone and a kind of software which will help you to keep an eye on your children remotely. There are many tools available for this, and we will discuss which is best according to you.

How can you control your kids through a smartphone?

Well, first prioritize what all you need to monitor when you are not with your teens. As I think, these may include-

  • You may want to see the location of your kids for better tracking
  • You may want to know whom they are making calls and chatting
  • What social media they are checking and interacting
  • Which websites they are accessing and few more…

And the good news for you is, you can do all these using a single app called Snoopza. You can try the program Snoopza and explore the many other features and programs provided by them.

Now let’s start and see how these can be achieved with the help of the tool I discussed above.

How can you know the real-time location?

Well, for this your kid should have a smartphone with GPS enabled as we will be using the device GPS to know the live location. Then using Snoopza secret GPS tracking app, you can get wherever your kids will visit. This is a very simple mechanism and using the app, your kid’s phone will be located, and on the Snoopza dashboard, you will get the details.

How to track calls?

This is the 2nd important thing you should take care. You must know whom they are making calls and with whom they are interacting. By using the Snoopza interface, you will get the details of the calls with the number, call duration, maximum called numbers and many other details which will be enough for you to analyze. Once you have these details, make an audit and check whether those are known the person or not.

Track call with Snoopza

How to track messages?

Social media platforms have become an essential part of our life, and hardly anyone with the internet connection is not there. There is a trend in kids, and they get addictive to it. But you should keep on checking that whom they are chatting, what they are connecting etc. You will have to keep an eye so that they are not in touch with someone virtually who can be harmful to them.

Track messages with Snoopza

Monitoring the phone activity

This is again an important step when you may want to see what your kids are doing at a particular time. For this, you can schedule a task at Snoopza dashboard and at that time, the app will start capturing the screenshot of the device where the app is installed even the screenshot will be uploaded so you can check. The application can also record the session and send you the video. These stuffs can be easily done using the Snoopza app.

Monitoring the phone activity


These were some of the simple steps using which you can keep a track on your kids using a basic smartphone. I hope this content will assist you in managing the parental control in a better way.

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