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pCloud Review – A Complete Cloud Storage Solution

Due to massive data flow and the popularity of cloud computing, “Cloud Storage” is now most popular term among the World Wide Web. There are multiple companies bring cloud storage solution. So you never need to carry storage device with you when you are traveling or be outside from your house. With the support of this technology, you can access your files from anywhere and anytime.

There are many companies offer Cloud Storage Solution. One of such company is pCloud. Today I will write pCloud Review on my blog. This company brings handful facilities for the customers. Let’s start the review.

pCloud Review – About pCloud

pCloud has been established in 2013 and the quarter of this company is situated in Switzerland. It has already satisfied more than 4 million users with their perfect Cloud Storage Solution. It can help you in storing music files, videos, photos, and any other documents online. Like other Storage services, it gives you the facility to share the data with other people.


You can access pCloud via web browsers and Mobile Application, and this platform is available for most of the systems including Linux, Windows, MAC, iPhone and Android. In pCloud Review, I will discuss this Cloud Storage Service in detail so that you will not face any problem while use it.

Features of pCloud

pCloud comes with many useful features, and these make this company very popular among the users.  Let’s see which features users are getting from the pCloud house.

File Management

You can store unlimited files in the pCloud system and get them at your fingertips when you need. You may keep multiple files in this system but don’t get confused when you need a particular file. You can find search option in the pCloud system so that the specific file gets found easily. It also allows you to filter the data with the file format.

pcloud file management

Deleted files are not removed from your pCloud profile. Those are stored in the trash folder for certain period of time, but it totally depends on your subscription plan how long the deleted files will be stored in the junk folder. If you are using free plan then removed files will stay for 30days in trash whereas the premium plan users will get this facility for 90days.

You can get some folders by default with your pCloud account, but you are allowed to create a new folder here and keep your data in it. There is no restriction on the file size. You can upload any size files here and store them in this Cloud Storage.

Unlimited Capabilities

pCloud allows you to upload any file with regardless file size. You can upload HD quality videos to your pCloud account without any trouble. It offers unlimited download and upload speed for every user whether they subscribe free or premium plans.

File Sharing

Now sharing data with other is easy with the pCloud storage services. It offers 2 different sharing options including “invite to folder” and “download and upload link.” In “Invite to folder” option, you can allow anybody to access your folders, but you can restrict when they edit or view the files of the folders. You can also share the download link with other so that they can easily get your files and through the upload links anybody can share a document with you by uploading it to your account.

Synchronization & Backup

Due to Synchronization and backup features, your data is safe in the pCloud server, and you need not worry about your important files while you devices stop working for various reasons. pCloud Desktop application – pCloud Drive can automatically synchronize your data between web platform and any other devices where you use pCloud.

If you use pCloud Desktop application – pCloud Drive then the files of your computer are completely safe. It can reserve the selected folders automatically from your PC to cloud storage. Your precious photos, videos which are stored on your phone can be uploaded automatically if you turn on “Automatic Upload” option from the pCloud mobile application.

Security & Encryption

pCloud provides guaranteed protection to your files with the high-quality safety measures. The company uses TLS/SSL encryption during the file transmission or synchronization from computer/mobile to cloud server. It stores your data at three locations in secured data storage space.

pCloud offers crypto with the premium subscription plan. It allows you to protect your data with a password. The password will not be stored in the pCloud database, and it will only have to the person who creates it so unauthorized users cannot access your data.


It is most important for a Cloud storage service to be accessed by most of the devices used by various users. pCloud has integrated its product on most of the devices. It offers multiple versions of its product including web edition (for any desktop browser), Drive (for Windows/Linux/Mac system) and Mobile Application (for Android & iOS platforms). You also can avail the facility to access some selectable files offline.

If the auto upload feature is active on the pCloud mobile application, then the photos and videos will be uploaded automatically to the cloud server after get captured.

File Versioning

pCloud can store all versions of your files whether it is old or new. So if you need any previous version of your work you can easily find it on this cloud storage. With the revisions features, you can monitor the modifications which are made for particular files and are allowed to restore the older files if require.

You can access the History to understand the actions which are took place in your account. In the free plan, users can see the 30 days history of your data, whereas the subscribers of premium and premium plus plan get this facility for 90 days and 180 days.


pCloud allows you to backup your media files from different Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Even you can get the facility to backup your WordPress website to this cloud storage.


file transfer

In pCloud Review, I want to mention another important factor that is now sending a large file (up to 5GB) to any recipient is easy and free with this service. You can use this link to transfer the file.

Features of pCloud’s various products

I have already told you, that pCloud has developed different products for different devices. This pCloud Review will be incomplete if I do not mention the features of its various products. Let’s have a look at these products and their features

pCloud Desktop Drive

pcloud desktop drive

pCloud users get benefits to use pCloud Drive and get rid of the space issue on their computer.


  1. It works with Windows, Linux, and MacOS
  2. It is basically a virtual drive where you can store your data and access them virtually from anywhere
  3. It ensures to protect your data and synchronize them immediately on other devices where you are using pCloud.
  4. You can upload your data to this cloud storage following drag and drop process
  5. You can access your data offline from this virtual drive
  6. pCloud allows you to work with other persons on your data.
  7. It gives you the facility to work on your files using any software on your PC.
  8. It can solve “startup disk full” problem on your Mac device.

Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, and Windows 10)

pcloud Mobile Applications

The pCloud mobile application is available on every app store. Like other apps, you can easily get it on your device.


  1. It provides enough space for any Smartphone running on iOS, Android and Windows 10.
  2. Your media files automatically upload on this 2TB storage if you activate “Automatic upload” feature.
  3. pCloud mobile apps comes with music players so that you can play your favorite music which is saved here
  4. It does create any trouble to use other mobile features
  5. Uploaded files can be shared easily with other individuals
  6. You can access saved data offline

Web Version

You can use pCloud from any from a web browser.


  1. pCloud web version allows you to upload your files from your devices
  2. This version comes with inbuilt audio players, so you can listen to music which is stored
  3. You can backup your files from different platform including Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox,
  4. Crypto adds maximum protection to your files on Mozilla and Crome
  5. You examine the history of data modification and restore an older version of any file if

Subscription Plans

pCloud offers Three premium plans along with the Basic plan. The features I have discussed previously, are available with every plan.

What kind of benefits do we get with every plan?

Basic Plan

pcloud basic plan

You can access this program with free of cost. You just need to create your account on pCloud with the required information to avail it. It packs 20GB storage to store any kind of files, and 50GB for download link traffic comes from the download link every month.

Premium Plan

pcloud premium plan

If you want to share large files on a regular basis with other individuals, then this plan is perfect for you. You can get 500GB storage to reserve your files and 500GB for download traffic. You need to spend $3.99 per month and $47.88/year.

Premium Plus Plan

pcloud premium plus plan

pCloud lets you use 2TB storage to store data and same amount storage for download traffic.  This plan is suitable for those persons who are exchanging extremely large files with other individuals on a regular basis. You need to spend $7.99/month or $95.88/year.

Custom Plan

pcloud custom plan

pCloud allows you to custom the storage for files as well as download traffic. This is the best plan to store and share data limitless. The cost of this plan is $15.98/month or $191.76/year. You cn see this plan after Sign in your existing account.


pcloud crypto

With crypto, you can encrypt your data with a password so that you can hide your data from authorized users. You can avail this product with any plans, but you need to spend $3.99 for this. Before buying it, you can use it free for 14 days.


pcloud business

If you are running a company and want to store your valuable data on a secure cloud storage, then pCloud is a perfect solution for you. You can get 1TB storage and Crypto with your business account. You can get the facility to create groups in pCloud Business, and you can set group-level permission for individual group. You also can give permission to particular person/persons for accessing specific file/files, and those files can’t be accessible to other members without your permission. You can use pCloud Business free for 30days after that you need to pay $7.99/user.

Final Words

I am using the basic plan of this cloud storage service, and it is performing well. After using, I can tell that this company brings trouble free Cloud Storage Solution for users. pCloud offered you handful essential features and ensured security system which makes it one of the most popular storage service. I recommend you to use free plan of this service before going to a higher plan. Here I have discussed complete pCloud Review. If you face any problem using this Cloud Storage, then please feel free to ask me.


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