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How to Convert Videos Format Using Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is a powerful video editing software that can convert a wide range of video formats in fast speed. It offers several high speed options for converting your videos including SuperSpeed, and Intel HD graphics. Its user interface has a clean and basic design. You will immediately become familiar with the features in the first time of using it. Movavi Video Converter is available as a 1 month trial if you would like to test drive the functions of the software. The trial version is available for download from the Movavi site at any time.

Movavi Video Converter

After you have had the movie converter installed, the first thing to do is to load your videos. It has a large grey drag and drop surface where you can directly drop the video files that you want to open. When the video files are opened, they will appear in a column along with their details like file size, video quality and subtitle. On each row, you will see the Edit button that will take you to the video editing program.

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In the video editing built in program, you can improve the quality of a shaky video by stabilizing it. The audio feature allows you to merge audio track in the background. It has an adjustment tool that can perform basic coloration adjustment such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and noise. It also come with the standard crop, rotates and trims video editing features. All the features are basically easy to use because you only have to select, drag sliders and click on buttons to make changes to your video.

Once you have edited your video, you can press the apply button and it will bring you back to the main screen. Next, you need to select the video file format and press the convert button to start the conversion. The file formats have been arranged into many categories like video, devices, audio and images. You are supposed to look under the video category since you are converting a video into other formats for viewing on computer. If you want to watch the video on a device, you can look under the devices tab to find the video format.

The progress bar will appear immediately upon pressing the convert button. It will show how much percentage of the video conversion is completed. Sometimes, you may think about making further edits on the video file or you want to choose another video format.  In this case, you can press the stop button and halt the conversion process. There is also pause button that you can press to pause video conversion process. A blue progress bar also appear under the small video thumbnail to show  that video is in the process of being converted.

Usually, the video conversion process only lasts for a few second when you are converting a single file. If you are converting more than one large video file, you may have to wait for a few minutes until the process is completed. It will open the folder that contains the video files upon completion.

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