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11 Landing Page Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

A landing page is a page on your website which is usually optimized for lead generation or for any specific requirement. Basically website owners  build it for marketing. Few examples of landing pages are  Landing page are email confirmation pages, lead capture page etc.

Landing pages help to increase conversion rates. So next time you run a Facebook Campaign, use a landing page.

Here are 11 Landing Page tips That Make Your Online Marketing More Powerful

#1 Be simple

Too many pop-ups can easily annoy any user and can piss him/her off. Make sure to keep it simple with easy navigation and visible elements. A good landing page provides you with all necessary information needed for the visitor to convert.  Too much of information can overwhelm the visitor so only keep the essentials.

Keep what is important on the top so the visitor can see it. Few examples would be a Buy Now button or Discount Code.

Basically, every visitor will scroll down for more information so you can always add the lesser important things down.

#2 Use CTA Button

You should always keep your message consistent in both CTA button (Call to action) and with the headline of the landing page. You should make sure your landing page consistently reflects the requirement you said in the first place.

Add Call to Action button to Landing Page

Because when a visitor clicks on a link for a free offer he should find it on the website. The headline can’t convey something different when compared to the page.

Creating buttons can be tricky. One tool that I often use is Smyln which can easily can help you in creating Free Landing Pages.

#3 Organized and clean design

The visual impact gives effectiveness of your landing page and how well it converts. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to do his thing. Though it maybe filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase on your page, it should be streamlined for it.

A good and effective landing page will use a good colour scheme. Like the colour red to catch a user’s attention.

#4 Use power words in landing page

By using the voice of the customer in your landing page can be quite powerful. Using a power word is more important than choosing normal words or phrases.

A strong powerful word can easily gain the trust of the visitor. You should know how to use narrative techniques in your copy and other strategies for making your landing page significantly more persuasive.

#5 Add all critical elements

Basically landing pages are used to convert the visitors into leads by completing a thing. The other way is by collecting some information from the visitors.

To make this happen you should give a brief description of the offer that clearly emphasizes its value. You should give at least one supporting image too.

#6 Trustworthy signals

Trust signals is crucial. A great example of a trust signal is testimonials These are considered a common way of gaining trust from the visitor.Branding is also very important.

Trustworthy Signals

Image from

Things like logos and colour schemes should be well thought of. A logo needs to depict the aim of the business.

#7 Continuity

The landing pages should match the advertisement perfectly. It should result in a good experience for the user.

This is really important from a visual perspective.

#8 Remove the unnecessary clutter

In order to keep the visitor reading try to remove the unnecessary elements. Unwanted links can make the visitor abandon the page before even the lead is generated.

The best way to reduce the distraction and increase your landing page conversion rate is by simply removing the main navigation from the page.

#9 Mobile friendly page

Mobile users are growing rapidly it is essential that your landing page can easily be navigated on mobile devices. Just by having a mobile-friendly site can double your conversions.

Result of Using Mobile friendly page

Image By KeyCDN

A mobile friendly page is a one which be easy to navigate and fast loading. It should look and feel good that is easy to use. It is one of the important landing page tips that can help to generate more conversation rate.

#10 Force the value of the offer

To achieve this you should highlight the benefits of the offer with a brief paragraph or a few bullet points. It should also highlight the value of the offer and gives visitors a compelling incentive to download or buy.

You should emphasize how the offer addresses a specific issue, which easily grabs the attention of your target audience.

#11 Social sharing

Tell your  audience to share your prospects to promote your content and offers. Include social media sharing button for the visitors. More than social media button also add Email forwarding options.

People are likely to share their experiences in social media these days. So they won’t fail to share about your offers to their friends or family.


Hope you liked our Top 11 Landing Page Tips for creating a good landing page to increase online presence. By following these tips you will easily see good results.

Please feel free to comment below to tell me what strategies you use while building landing pages.

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