How to Start DND (Do Not Disturb) to Avoid All Marketing Calls? How to Stop DND?

The mobile phone has now become one of the inevitable gadgets of your daily life, which helps a lot in staying in touch with your friends, family members. Mobile phones not only allow you to make calls but they also assist you in accessing the internet at your fingertips. You can now stay active on social media and chat messengers which enable you to get in touch with your dear ones.

How to activate DND

India is second largest country among the mobile phone users (As per Wikipedia). With the increasing demands of the mobile phone services the list of telecom companies also has been increased up to a large extent. Smartphone has now become one of the essential parts of our life which also provide an excellent platform for all the service providers for marketing about their products through phone calls and phone messages. These calls and messages sometimes look very annoying especially when you are in the urgent task.

All Marketing Calls create a big buzz in our day to day life, especially when they are just unwanted. We receive a large number of calls and messages most of the time. The best thing that we can usually go for avoiding such annoying messages and calls is to activate a DND (Do not disturb) services through your mobile number. We are here, will provide you the detailed information about how to activate DND service which will let you get rid of the problem in just a few minutes.

What is DND service?

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has started “The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2010” and Mr. Kapil Sibal, the former Telecom Minister of India launched this regulation. This regulation allows the mobile phone users to block the marketing calls and SMS from their number.  So you get relief from such unwanted calls and messages. As you may be familiar to the fact that India is a second largest country in terms of mobile phone usage and hence due to the reason of increasing competition; most of the service provider companies choose marketing of their products through calls and messages as one of the most cost-effective ways.

How to activate DND on your mobile network?

It is one of the most asked queries among the mobile phone users. If you are one of them; just step down with the procedure in order to enjoy the seamless services of various telecom providers without having any annoying calls and messages.

If you are looking forward to block all the categories entirely or how to activate DND for full marketing calls and messages just send SMS START 0 to 1909, or you can also go for making a call at 1909.

In case if you wanted to have some of the marketing messages and calls of the telecom service providers and need to Partially Block some of them you can go for using Partially Blocked Category by choosing the following calls or SMS preferences. Like,

For allowing the telecom service providers to send only banking, credit cards, insurance, and financial products messages you can go for sending SMS START 1 to 1909.

In case if you want to receive only messages related to real estate and get other messages blocked just SMS START 2 to 1909.

If you are looking forward to receive messages only related to education, send SMS START 3 to 1909.

If you are looking forward to get messages and calls related to health, only SMS START 4 to 1909.

If you want to get messages and calls related to the Consumer Goods and Automobiles you can send SMS START 5 to 1909.

If you want to receive messages only related to Communication, Entertainment, IT, Broadcasting you can send SMS START 6 to 1909.

If you want to receive messages and calls only related to Tourism; you can go for sending SMS START 7 to 1909.

It takes about 7 working days to process your DND request. The best part of these DND services is that you do not need to pay any charges for activating it on your mobile.-

How to deactivate your DND service?

The above-provided procedure will undoubtedly have to resolve the query of how to activate DND on your gadget. In case if you already have blocked some of your marketing calls and messages and you wanted to get them all back; you can easily do it by de-registering your mobile number from the DND services. You can do it by sending SMS STOP to 1909.


Maximum mobile phone users search the information on how to activate DND due to the reason for the increased number of unwanted calls and messages. DND service enables you to block all the unwanted calls and SMS as a part or whole.

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