How to Increase RAM in Android Phone [Without Rooting]

It is very often to see people without the Smartphone in Android or iOS or Windows platform. Also, the applications and data which are used inside the Android or any other Smartphone eat up the phone’s memory quickly and make the users run out of storage space.

How to Increase RAM in Android

People are also checking for the solutions to use more data or applications on Android devices without facing this trouble. You can get the facility of increasing RAM on your Android phone by following few legitimate ways. You can find some RAM expander applications on Play Store, and those apps help you to boost the internal memory of a mobile.

Many people search for the applications and process how to increase RAM in Android using the SD card. Even persons are searching for the way how to increase RAM in Android without rooting. Check the following methods based on your device availability which results better for the long-term use without the risk of internal shortage.

Follow some simple steps to upgrade RAM without rooting.

How to Increase RAM in Android without Rooting

  1. Partition External memory card or SD Card

We often search for the best and suitable way to increase the RAM in Android devices from various resources. The existing RAM capacities in Android phones are not enough to store unlimited data or files. People need more space to use multiple applications and games on Android devices so that they are always looking for the methods to raise the capacity of RAM. Usually, people use SD card to expand the internal memory of a device, but you can use it as an expander of RAM. To do this, you need to install ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP). This app creates a partition on the secure digital card, or SD card and a part will work as a virtual RAM on your phone. You can consider it as a secondary source of Random Access Memory of your device.

Steps to increase RAM with SD card on your android device

  • It is mandatory to have a 4GB secure digital card on your phone to upgrade RAM using SD Card. Along with this, your Android phone should hold a good battery backup.
  • Now install ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER app from Play Store.
  • Launch the application and click on the SWAP, useful option of creation and swapping by enabling it.
  • Now you can see an option “Active Swap.”
  • Just click or tap on it to upgrade RAM using the SD card.

It is one of the best ways to answer the query of how to increase RAM in android using SD card. You have seen that you need to purchase this application from the Appstore, so before installing it, should verify the compatibility of your phone with this app. For checking this, you need to install “MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check” on your device and use it.

Some Free Apps to Increase RAM in Android

  1. Memory Booster:

If you are looking for a free app to increase RAM in Android, you may install Memory Booster on your mobile. This app comes with free and premium version, and it protects the memory leaks which is happened by using different applications. It also de-fragment the RAM to boost its capacity.

Download Memory Booster

  1. Smart RAM Booster:

It is another method of how to increase RAM in android without rooting process. Smart RAM Booster is the third party application for the Android devices, which can increase the RAM on your android phone without rooting it.

Steps to increase the RAM space using the smart RAM booster app

  • Download Smart RAM Booster and install it on your
  • Now select the auto boosting button to complete the process automatically.
  • It will boost up your device from all sort of troubles.
  • You can also increase the RAM space using the manual process as well.
  • Sometimes it may spoil your device speed and performance too.

Download Smart RAM Booster

  1. Few other tips

If you have any feel to boost your device’s RAM without rooting and installing any application, then follow the below suggestions to increase RAM in Android.

  • Many people like to use live wallpaper on their mobile. Though those are attractive, it eats huge memory and make your device slow. To keep the speed of your phone normal, avoid installing live wallpaper.
  • Stop loading some bloatware apps to increase RAM in Android. If you are unable to uninstall these apps, simply go to Settings -> Apps and do a force close or disable.
  • It is advisable not to occupy phone’s space by installing the apps which are not necessary for you. Many applications run in the background even those are not being used. So uninstall those apps to increase RAM in Android phone.


It is good to have a device with high speed and RAM space to experience the facilities for your android device. These are the most recommended methods and steps for the people who are seeking for how to increase RAM in android without rooting. So utilize these things to get better performance.

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