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Hostinger VPS Hosting – The most cost-effective VPS

When we talk about launching a website online, we think of Web Hosting because to run a site online; you need web space and proper configurations which a web hosting company offers. Further, web hosting is of many types such as Shared Hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Shared and VPS hosting are very popular types as they cost a bit lesser than that of Dedicated hosting and they are enough for the requirements of most of the users. Moreover, some clients need dedicated hosting as well.

Shared is the most affordable hosting which is very popular. In this type of hosting, your site shares the resources with another site on the same server, but in VPS your site gets its own fraction of resources that only used by it. That is why VPS is a bit costlier than shared.

In this blog post, I am talking about VPS hosting plan of Hostinger.

Hostinger VPS

Benefits of Hostinger VPS

  1. Faster Loading Time:

    VPS hosting plan offers you the fast loading speed which means your site loads faster when users open it in their browser. This is because the server and resources are only for your site that is why the server quickly responds to the page requests.

  2. Safe from Malware:

    Since on VPS, your site is intact from other sites your site is safe from getting malware or virus infection from other sites. On shared hosting, if one site on the server gets an infection, other sites are likely to get the infection as well, but in VPS you are safe.

  3. Dedicated IP:

    When you sign up for the Hostinger VPS plan, your site gets a dedicated IP. The plan is packed with IPv4 and IPv6

  4. Best Hardware:

    Hostinger offers the best hardware resources for its VPS servers. It is loaded with the latest Intel Xeon processors, TBs of SSD disk space and 128 GB of RAM per server.

  5. Affordable:

    As I said above that VPS hosting is costlier than shared but still if you check out Hostinger’s VPS plans, you will find that they are quite affordable than any other VPS hosting provider.

Hostinger’s VPS Plans

  • Hostinger offers 6 different VPS plans that are fit for every type of user. Some users need an alow resource, some needs high amount of resources, so keeping everything in mind, they offer different plans. Instead of explaining everything, I am adding their plan’s screenshot here

Hostinger’s VPS Plans

As you can see, with all plans, there are differences in only the resources, and other things are same. The more resource you need, the more money you need to pay.

  • Their cloud VPS offers 30x more speed than any powerful shared hosting.
  • 99% uptime
  • Easy to use VPS control panel – Many VPS hosting won’t offer any kind of control panel. They will just provide the root credentials; that’s all. But, with Hostinger you get a control panel to manage your site. Moreover, if you want to use popular cPanel, you can get the subscription and install it on your VPS.
  • VPS hosting is unmanaged which means you don’t get technical support for it. It is not just about Hostinger, but every web host doesn’t offer free VPS support. But, despite unmanaged VPS, Hostinger’s support team helps you more than what any other VPS host offers.
  • 30-days risk-free – You can cancel your subscription at any time within 30days, and you get the refund without being asked any question. This makes Hostinger trustable company.


Due to the benefits of VPS, it costs more, but when you have less budget and need a good VPS company, Hostinger must be your first choice because they have been there in this hosting industry for a long time. And, offers are quite affordable as well.

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