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6+ Google Drive Tips and Tricks to Operate This Cloud Storage As An Expert

Collecting, storing and sharing documents are most followed works in every business. Nowadays many companies enter into the internet world. Now, emails are being used to send files or data from one person to another person. But every email service specifies the file size limitation for attaching document like in Gmail, you can add a 25MB file for sending to recipient/recipients, and you do not attach those documents which have a higher size of the specified limits. What will be happened if you need to send a big file? Cloud storage will solve your problem.

I am not saying that every cloud storage comes with unlimited attachment facility, but you can send those big files which you are unable to send via email. But every email service packs a huge number of elements those are really helpful.

You can find many cloud storage services including SkyDrive, DropBox, etc. on the web and this list I want to keep Google Drive at the top. As a blogger, I always write my content on Google Docs and store it on Google Drive so that I can access the doc file from anywhere and do not need to carry my laptop always. So my blogging work is incomplete without it. Google Drive packs some fantastic features, which make this cloud storage popular among users. In this article, you can find some Google Drive Tips and tricks that can better your experience to use it.

Google Drive Tips and tricks to Use this Cloud Storage Efficiently

Google Drive Works Offline:

It packs a feature that can help you to use Google Drive offline but the element does not activate automatically, you need to enable it. For doing this, click on the driver icon, which can be found at the upper right corner of the drive’s home page. Next select “Settings.” After opening setting window, you can see “Offline” option on the “General” tab. Besides “Offline” option, you can see “Box.” You need to click on it to synchronize all documents under this drive to your desktop or laptop so that you can manage them in offline mode. After setting offline synchronization, do not forget to hit the “Done” button.

Google Drive Offline

Google Drive offline does not let you view videos and photos, but you can edit, create or see files without internet. The changes are saved as well synced, and you can see while you again use the doc online. It also allows you to upload the files and folder offline and you can access those files or folder online.

Share Drive Link Via Gmail

If you want to email a document and if the document is saved to Google Drive, then you quickly email by sharing drive link of the document. By following this, you can share such file, which is higher than file size limitation.

For sending a file to the recipient, click on “Compose” from your dashboard on Gmail and a new window will open. You can see “Google Drive” icon, at the bottom of that window. Click on the icon, another window will be open on your screen. Here you can see the files which you keep on your Google Drive account. Hit the document and “Insert” button to attach it to email.

Click on Drive Link

Insert Google Drive file

Write on Document with “Voice Typing

It is an excellent feature of this cloud storage, and it is one of the best Google Drive Tips and Tricks. Usually, we use the keyboard to type, but “Voice Typing” feature allows you to type with your speech. It works well and can understand various commands like “Newline” etc. When you speak “Newline,” it starts typing on the next line. You need follow 2/3 steps to enable it and next, you do not require to touch the keyboard. Just speak. You can see the words in Google docs file.

It works with most of the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. but it is not compatible with Safari because this browser does not support WebRTC.

To use this feature click on “Tools” tab, then select “Voice Typing.” You will see a microphone icon in the doc file and get “Click to speak” option under the microphone icon. Hit that option and start using Voice Typing feature.

Enable Voice Typing

Start Voice Typing

Get Back the Older version of Your File

Sometimes you edit any files, and you think the previous version cannot be getting back again. But this is not true. In this cloud storage, you can access the older of a file to see what you have written in previously. To access this Open an already created Google document or Spreadsheet, hit the “File” tab, keep the mouse on “Version History,”  click “See version history.” At the right side, you can see all the older versions. Select the particular one what you want to check. You can also get the facility to restore an older version of document or spreadsheet. This is also considered one of the best Google Drive tips and tricks.

Get back older version of a file

Find Biggest File in Google Drive

If you want to get the biggest file in this web application, just keep the mouse on the link which indicates what the storage capacity of your Google Drive account is and how much you have spent. You can find that link at the left side of the Google Drive front page. When you keep the mouse you will see 3 options – 1) Drive, 2) Google photos and 3) Gmail. Click on “Drive,” and you can get the list of the created files. At the right of every file under “Quota Used,” you can see the file size.

See The Drive Storage

The biggest file will be at the top of the list. If you want to see the smallest file, just click on “Quota Used” and the smallest file will come on the top. If you want to free some space your Google Drive account, you can delete some files, which are high in size.

See the biggest file in the drive

Use Your Android Phone as a Portable Scanner with Google Drive

If you install Google Drive application on your Android phone, then you can use it as a portable scanner. Only Android users avail this feature, but the iOS users are still waiting for it. Open the app on your mobile, and you will see a “+” sign at the bottom right side corner. Tap on it, and you can get different file options along with “Scan.” Hit that icon and keep your mobile camera on an image or a file. Next, tap on the camera button. The scanner automatically crops the file or image as a picture. You need to hit “Right” icon to save the cropped picture on the Google Drive as PDF.

Use scan icon crop a image from mobile

Share Large Data

Gmail is one of the most famous emailing services, but though it, you can send the only 25MB file to the recipients. Especially, when you try to send image or video via Gmail, you cannot do that, because most of those files come in large size. What will you do, if need to send the file which size is more than 25MB? You can take help of Google Drive, and it is one of the Google Drive Tips and Tricks.

Apart from above 7 Google Drive tips and tricks, it comes with some other features including,

  1. You can modify a picture with border even can set the image in a particular space with masking element.
  2. Google has introduced a browser extension names “Save to Google Drive” which allows you to save any file to Google Drive using a click.Save image to Google drive
  3. You can share your document on the web via “Publish to the web” feature. To access this feature, open a created a document, click on “File” tab, then click this feature from the drop-down.Publish to the web
  4. Google also lets you operate it with the keyboard. Press “Ctrl+/” after opening Google drive. You can see a window where you can find different keyword shortcuts to manage this web application.Google Drive keyboard Shortcuts

These are some Google Drive tips and tricks which can help you to use this cloud storage efficiently.

Final Words

Google drive packs loads of excellent features, and I have added here few of them. You do not need to be technically sound to access this web application, and it helps to increase your productivity at work.

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