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Create Explainer Videos in Minutes using MySimpleShow


Are you the teacher who is looking for some simple tool to create explainer videos? Today I will discuss about a tool which can help you to create an explainer video within few minutes. The name of the tool is Mysimpleshow.

Are you facing lots of difficulties while creating your explainer videos :?:

If you say  “yes” to any of the above questions, then I am sure you will like this post. So read on 🙂

Visuals are very much important for the teachers to explain any topics. It is proved that by visualization, students can learn fast. Nowadays, no one has time to sit for a long time and create videos. So people need some tool which can help them to build good explainer videos in minutes.

Here, I am going to write a detailed review about one such best explainer videos maker tool: MySimpleShow.

Introduction of MySimpleShow

MySimpleShow is one of the most useful tools to create your explainer videos. The best thing about the tool is that the developer team has used all their experience while building this excellent tool for their audience. MySimpleShow empowers anyone to make good-looking and high-quality professional videos in a just matter of time.

In MySimpleShow tool, you will have different storyline templates where you can write your stories. Depending on the template, you will get different suggestions for visualizations, and in some clicks, your videos will be ready to use. Isn’t it quite simple?

Steps to Create Explainer Videos

Steps to Create Explainer Videos

  1. Draft: In this step, Tool will ask you some questions and depending on your answers, it will find the best storyline for you.
  2. Write: In the write step, you will need to write your own script for the video. You can use different practical advice and best practice from MySimpleShow to create awesome scripts for you.
  3. Visualize: Now MySimpleShow’s Explainer Engine will generate a Storyboard for you depending on your storyline.
  4. Finalize: In this step, you will require to select video speed and voice cover for your video and then you can publish it on YouTube.

Which Purposes Can You Use MySimpleShow?

  1. Personal: You can create videos to gain your audience attention for your blog, raise awareness about some topics those are faced by many people, Entertain your family members by creating funny videos, create tips and tricks videos, etc. You can even create a video to show your achievements in a much better way.
  2. Professional: You can create videos to explain your topic or products to your target market. With MySimpleShow, you can create videos like digital marketing videos, SEO content video, pitch videos, product video and lot more other types of videos. All these videos can stand you out if you know how to create them professionally.
  3. Educational: You can use MySimpleShow to create educational videos. Your students can create research videos, or you can create introductory videos in just a few minutes using MySimpleShow tool.

So Let’s create the first video with MySimpleShow…

  1. To create your first video, click on Create New Video button.
    mysimpleshow Create New Video
  2. Now it will ask you to write your own script or upload a PowerPoint file. You can go with anyone. Let’s choose to write your own script option for now.
    mysimpleshow Create New Video1

    1. Click on Let’s Start on the next page.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video2
    2. On the next screen, you will need to select your storyline.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video3
    3. Click on Type Away.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video4
    4. In this step, you need to fill all the details carefully. Just fill the details and click on Chose Visuals button at the bottom of the screen.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video5
    5. On the next page, click on Sounds Great.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video6
    6. On the next page, you can upload your visuals like images for your video. You can choose the given image or upload your own image. At the bottom of the page, click on Choose Audio Button to go ahead.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video7
    7. On the next page, click on Alright.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video8
    8. On the next screen, you can test the final video and change things if required. If everything is fine, then you can click on Finalize Video button.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video9
    9. Now you will get an Email on your Mail Id about the video. It may take some time.
      mysimpleshow Create New Video10

So these are some of the easiest steps to create your first video with MySimpleShow.

Final Words

MySimpleShow is very good and easy to use video maker tool for anyone. As we have just seen, how easily you can create your videos with MySimpleShow tool. I am sure after using this tool, you have experienced the difference in video making world.

MySimpleShow is very useful tool for anyone who wants to make videos for personal, professional or education use.

So what are you guys waiting for?

Start using MySimpleShow to create your explainer videos and share it with your family and friends too. Share this post with your friends and let them know about this cool tool to build videos in minutes.

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