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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: Remove Duplicate Photos from Windows

Duplicate photos share the largest portion of total duplicate files on any system. These identical files generate on your system over time occupying lot of system storage. The primary reasons for accumulation of these files include multiple time file downloading of same photo file, data backup, file sharing etc. To remove these files manually may consume lot of time and efforts thus we suggest you to use duplicate photos remover apps for Windows for instant and effective results. We have reviewed one such app called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows in this review article.

Features of the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Multiple Scan Options: App allows you to choose from group of photos or photos folders to start the scanning process. It is useful to custom your scan process for instant results.

Set Matching Level of Photos: App allows you to select exact looking photos or similar images by giving you multiple matching level options. Here, you can set matching level from low to high to find similar or exact looking photo files.

Other Comparison Method: In addition to matching level you can also select other comparison methods to get accurate results. Here, you set Bitmap size (to set thumbnail size), set time interval (to exclude selected time from duplicate results) and set GPS location (to exclude GPS location up to 100 meters from scanning results) while searching for duplicates.

Quick Scan Process: This app is designed to deliver instant and accurate results using powerful search engines and smart algorithms. Here, based on the matching level app will scan even the remotest corners of your Windows system to find and delete all identical image files.

Accurate Scan Results: App works on powerful search engines and advanced algorithms to provide you instant results with the highest accuracy. Here, you can manually mark the files or auto-mark all identical files to delete them.

Clear Cache: This is one useful feature that helps you clear cache generated by this app to run fresh scan next time.

Preview: You can view the scan results under this feature to avoid deletion of some important photo file. Here, the app will display all necessary file information to help you decide whether to delete the file or retain it. Under preview, you can find file size, image resolution, and path of the file.

Multi-lingual Support: App is a useful tool that supports multiple language options to help users around the world with different language preferences. It supports all major language options to deliver high-quality results.

How does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro work?

Step 1

Add a group of photos or photos folder: In the first step, you need to add a group of photos or photos folder to begin the scanning process. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the photos or folders to the scan list.

Add a group of photos in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Step 2

Set the Comparison Method: In step two, you need to set the comparison method. Here, you need to set the matching level to find files with low to higher similarity, set bitmap size to define thumbnail size, set time interval to exclude similar files from set time interval, and set GPS location to avoid scanning of files from set GPS limits.

set photo matching level in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Step 3

Scan Duplicate Photos: Once you have set all comparison levels, next is to press “Scan for Duplicates” button to start the scanning process.

Scan Duplicate Photos on Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Step 4

Delete Duplicates: Once the app has furnished the results, you can mark the files manually or click on an auto-mark option to quickly delete all identical photo files. To do this, a simple tap on “Delete Marked” button. Here, you will find organized photo collection and recover chunks of disk space instantly.

Delete Duplicates photo via Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

The Verdict of the App

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro helps you de-duplicate your photo library instantly and accurately on your Windows system. This powerful tool scans, detect and removes identical photo files from your complete system storage to recover lot of disk space instantly. Further, it helps you decrease photo search time and improve system performance. We suggest you this tool for instant and effective results on your Windows system. Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Here.

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