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In India, E-commerce industry is growing gradually, and many people prefer to shop online There are various reasons work behind why people like to buy a product online. Following are few them.

  1. You do not need to visit shop store so that you can avoid, sunshine, rain; the crowd even don’t need to stand in the queue while you are purchasing a product or pay the bill.
  2. In online shopping, you do not require to fix the time. You can shop while you are working or traveling.
  3. If you want to change the product, then can call website from where you have bought it. They will pick the product from your home, so you do not go to the shop.
  4. Online shopping sites offer various coupons, which can save more and more money of the buyers.

These are some facilities to select online shopping. In the 4th point, I have told you, that multiple e-commerce sites sometimes offer coupons for saving money of their customers but it is not a hassle-free job for finding discount coupons on every site. To make this job easy you need to often visit different coupon sites. Today I will review such a coupon site in this article and the name of the site is Coupon Hike.

Coupon Hike Review  – Little about the site

Coupon Hike is a new online coupon store where you can find discount coupons, vouchers, new offers, etc. which are provided by different Online merchants. You can get the coupons on multiple products from fashions to travel trips. Their motto is “Feel Free Save Free” that means people can save money without investing time.


Here I have mentioned some sections to find out coupons from Coupon Hike

  1. Visit Home Page

    In the homepage, you can find different sections including “Featured Coupons” and “Popular Stores.” The “Features Coupons” section is constantly moving from right to left, and you can see different discount coupons there.

    Coupon Hike has listed some leading online stores in the “Popular Stores” section. By clicking on a particular store, you can enter into the store page and see all the possible coupons which are offered by that online shop.

  2. Visit Stores Section

    In the header section of the website, you can find “Stores” option. You can also enter any particular store-page from “Stores” else, while you keep the cursor on “Stores” a drop-down menu will be opened where you can see some big online merchants’ name. Click on any merchant’s name, and on the next page, you can see different offers provided that online store.

  3. Visit Categories Section

    Coupon Hike has made a “Categories” page where you find different genres like Electronics, fashions, health, etc. and they have been arranged alphabetically, so you easily locate the category for getting the discount coupon/coupons. Suppose you are looking for a discount coupon for purchasing Samsung j2 6, then you need to visit the “Electronics” category to get the coupon for it. Even you can know Samsung j2 6 price from the Electronics Category.

    Coupon Hike has designed the website perfectly so that you can quickly find what you find. To save you time, you don’t need to visit the “Categories” page. Keep the cursor on the “Categories” in the header section, and a drop-down menu will come with all categories. Select you desired category from the list and search the coupon.

    From the Coupon Hike site, you get to know about the specification of a product. So before buying any product you can get a clear idea about it. Like if you want to buy j2 6, then you can know the specification as well as its exact price from this coupon site.

Another way to Search Coupons on Coupon Hike

You can get a search bar on the website. In the search bar, you can type anything related to coupon and the site will show you the accurate results.

Final Words

Coupon Hike is a new coupon site, and I have found some great deals on Electronics products from this website. They are working hard and improving the site day by day and get some positive reviews from the viewers.

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