7+1 Best scanner apps for Android devices – Scan Documents Via Your Smartphone

Today’s smart technology including smart applications has changed our Lifestyle completely. We can hardly find a person without a Smartphone. The changing technology is not just limited to phones but has been enabled to almost every electronic appliance.

Best scanner apps for Android devices

Android is the latest mobile technology has made a man completely get into its grip. Nevertheless, the most recent smartphones are similar to the age-old palmtops but in a reduced size and more efficient capabilities. The latest Android has brought most of the necessary applications inbuilt in them.

Usually, the option scanning is done to send some necessary files or document via emails or store them in some online database. Scanner – A big tool/device/electronic is used to do this operation. No need of third-party electronic gadget, you can get all these in just one device, and there are a lot of companies and services that provide you with the best scanner apps for Android. Anyways, if you cannot find an inbuilt scanner app then play store is always free.

8 Best Scanner Apps for Android Phone

Google Photo Scan:

Google Photo Scan

Unlike the regular photo scanning apps that take multiple shots to capture a photo, the Google Photo Scan captures the picture with good quality in a single shot.

Benefits and Features:

  • It comes with a smart rotation feature that can help you keep your photo right side even you scan from any side.
  • One can easily adjust the edges by just dragging the corners
  • Integrating two or more photos can be easily done through this application

Download Google Photo Scan for Android



This app can be concluded as one of the best scanner apps for Android, and this app has more users than any other scanner apps. In addition to the Android platform, the app is also the best scanner in iOS.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easily one can link to the cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Users have a feature to save the file in reduced size.
  • Any heavy document can be scanned in very less time.

Download CamScanner for Android



This app can be considered as one of the best scanner apps for Android that delivers you a premium quality files and images. The scanning options with the application include scanning of business cards, receipts, tickets, etc.

Benefits and Features:

  • Pictures and scanned copies can be easily shared to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • The quality rendered with this app is 200 di which is almost equal to the desktop

Download ScanBot for Android

Office Lens:

Offile Lens

This app is designed and distributed by Microsoft and similar to the regular scanning applications, this app also allows you operate with all scanning and saving the things. But some benefits and features of this app make it as one of best scanning apps for android.

Benefits and Features:

  • Can be used to sync the scanned copies to the official
  • Quick search enabled in the apps helps you to find the recent documents easily.
  • Can edit, crop and modify the scanned images.

Download Office Lens for Android

Tiny Scanner:

Tiny Scanner

A junior version of the age-old scanner, this app can be one of the best scanning apps for Android due to its ability to make documents look similar to machine scanned copy.

Benefits and Features:

  • This app can scan your documents in color, grayscale, or even in black and white.
  • User-friendly usage and can set the page layout (Letter, Legal, A4, )
  • User can encrypt some vital document with password

Download Tiny Scanner for Android

My Scans:


The automatic edge detection system makes this app different from the regular scanning apps in android and makes this one of the best scanning apps for android.

Benefits and Features:

  • Scanning options include scanning of documents, memos, contracts, etc.
  • Format can be selected as PDF or even in image format
  • Automatic Edge detection.

Download MyScans for Android

Clear Scanner:

Clear Scanner

The fastness of the application is the main feature of Clear Scanner, and it makes this app different from other. It is considered as one of the best scanning apps for android.

Benefits and Features:

  • Faster than any other scanning applications for android
  • User can convert the scanned copies to image from PDF
  • Perspective Correction and page layout selection

Download Clear Scanner for Android

Genius Scan:

Genius Scan

Genius Scan brings you a lot more features that are rarely available in many of the scanning applications and which can be founded individually in one particular application. Genius Scan is available in two versions, one is the normal version, and an advanced version with a label Genius Scan plus is also available.

Benefits and Features:

  • The user can select varied sized that include Letter, Legal, A4, Business card, A3, A5, etc.
  • This app supports multiple scans in different formats like Jpeg and PDF.
  • User-friendly UI and is easily understandable.

Download Genius Scan for Android


With the availability of the Android and smart devices, the world has come closer, and everything has been made at our fingertips. The user can make a wise use of the technology at specific economic cost.

Image Credit: Apps’ images are taken from the related apps’ pages  on Google Play Store


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