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Whenever started studying or working for your business, the things will become harder at a later stage. It is one of the common things that will happen among the people in day-to-day daily life. At this condition, you will need the energy to boost up yourself at a certain level of the stage. So, the gaining of motivation stuff before or after the work/studies has become essential among most of the people. In this case, you can find several types of apps to motivate for your Android devices.

Best Motivational Apps for Android

When it comes to applications, Android users can find a number of applications to download on their device. On the store, people can search for many applications related to the motivational. These are the stuff if you installed on your device, then it will be a new experience for you at any time.

So, people who all are feeling lack of motivation in your day to day daily life can make use of these given below motivational apps for Android. Here we have shared some of the exciting applications for you to download on your Android device. Let’s have a look at 15 different types of applications on your device.

15 Best Motivational Apps for Android

  1. HabitBull/ Habit Tracker


As per the name of this application, it is also the app, which helps to bring out the function of habit tracking. With the number of unique features, this application has started to glorify for its fantastic presence on a store to download. It is the app which helps to keep on tracking of your activities by forming a day to day schedule.

In this application, you can easily add habits that you want to follow and don’t want to follow. Also, it will also provide the percentage to the particular practice that you have got at the end of the day. Habit bull is also mainly providing the motivational quotes to get motivated more.

Download HabitBull/Habit Tracker for Android

  1. Way of Life

Way of Life

The Way of life is said to be one of the best motivational apps for Android. This is the application which will be used for habit formation that always brings you self-motivation. It is the app which does not only help to provide the habits to follow but also offers a success and failure rate in the form of graphs and tables. In terms of graphs, the user might see the row colored of red and green. Thus the green is indicating the positive side whereas the negative side for red. By following this stuff, you can easily change the row from red to green. It is highly supporting for Android devices to download.

Download Way of Life for Android

  1. Time To Quit Smoke

Time To Quit Smoke

It is the application, which is mainly created for the people who are all wanted to leave their smoking in a short span of time. With this fantastic Android app, you can check it out that how many days have passed since you stop to smoke. Also, it will show that how much money you have saved after quitting the smoke. However, this application completely depends on your usage. This application is simple to access and free to download on your Android device.

Download Time To Quit Smoke for Android

  1. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

If you are looking for the weight loss, then you must be aware of the tips. As we all know that most of the sites will not satisfy you, but somehow this app will help you. This fantastic application is specially developed to motivate you by providing the tips, photos and a lot of stuff to inspire daily. Also, it will help you to change your lifestyle in a short period of time. My diet coach also has the option to set remainder which is very easy for you to follow.

Download My Diet Coach – Weight Loss for Android

  1. iWish


iWish is one of the colorful motivational apps for Android is considering as one of the eye-captivating motivational applications to download on your device. It is mainly offered to grab the attention of the user by providing stuff in a motivational way. By downloading this app, you can get a number of motivating themes and photos to create your goal and wish list. This fantastic application is available in the Google PlayStore to download. Also, it is free for the user to download and install one of the great motivational apps for Android.

Download iWish for Android

  1. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is the application where you can get motivated in terms of following the fitness. Yes, this is the app which mainly helps you to fit yourself. Here, the user can search for any custom training programs to make them fit. Also, the app has so many instructions to offer with audio, video to know nook and corner of the exercise. This application is also for the beginners that who all are dreamt of being fitness. They can also follow the real trainers, easy process to edit workouts by setting the weekly challenges and more.

Download Workout Trainer for Android

  1. Habitica


Habitica app is nothing but one of the exclusive motivational apps for Android to keep track our activities with a list to accomplish the tasks and goals we want to fulfill. This app is very simple and easy to use as well as create your task in the form of habit list. Here you can create a separate list for each work to complete it based on the time slot. You can get many features like pets, skills, quests, armor and more. These features should be unlocked from the Habitica motivational apps for Android. This is a most trustable app which functions the entire task without fail.

Download Habitica for Android

  1. Get sh*t done!

Get it done

This is another most excellent app available for the Android phones to complete the personal tasks. It acts as a master task maker to help you in several ways. You can develop your task which you need to do in a period. The get sh*t app will indicate the work you want to perform at a preferred time. You can also create a subtask to find the way to finish the job in the right direction. This also has the facility to create a punishment task for the work which you fail to complete on stipulated time. So get sh*t done is one of the best motivational apps for Android right now.

Download Get sh*t done! For Android

  1. Shuffle my life

Shuffle my life

To execute the fun task in a time frame use the shuffle my life motivational apps for Android on your phone. This is one of the easiest and has various features to complete and create the task whenever you want. By using this app, you can find new groups, people, hobbies, places based on your location and you can also get much more features as like things mentioned above. They named as creative, social, urban, productive, fitness and much more. You can use the filter option to get the prime task execution on time.

Download Shuffle my life for Android

  1. Forest


Forest app is to help out in the situation where you get upset with your Smartphone. Here you will be assigned with a task to grow a pant within a time frame. In between the time of closing and opening your Smartphone the tree will grow. It will die, so you need to focus on the task which has been assigned to you. The significant fact about this motivational app for Android is to help you to get focused on the thing you need to concentrate most.

Download Forest for Android

  1. Fabulous


To lead the healthy life fabulous app helps you in different prospects. So we can utilize this app as a health adviser, healthy habits, integrated fitness programs, weight loss and more programs. You can add the day to day task in this motivational app for Android to execute everything flawlessly.

Download Fabulous for Android

  1. Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk

This ad-free application is considering as a motivational application which helps you to stay fit. For your information, it will work with the help of GPS that support to track that how much distance you have done walking or jogging. Also, this application working as calorie counters whenever you start to walk.

Download Walk with Map My Walk for Android

  1. app is used to evaluating the task accomplishments and objectives regularly. It includes the task of day to day life, and so on. It is easy to track the things which need to be completed on time. So, app is the best motivational apps for Android available to execute the process on time.

Download for Android

  1. Tabata Stopwatch

Tabata Stopwatch

It is one of the ultimate apps that you can download on your Android device for free. This well-designed application is mainly used for the people that who all are stick to daily work outs. It also has the option to bring beep sound once the interval starts and ends. You can also set the time as per your convenience. People who are all doing the regular training, then this app could be the platform for them to utilize.

Download Tabata Stopwatch for Android

  1. Beeminder


Beeminder is the suitable app for avoiding the laziness and also to complete the task actively based on the action plan. You are allowed to create the action plan depends on your priority and complete it. All you need is motivation for doing anything with interest. So Beeminder is motivational apps for Android and iOS device users.

Download Beeminder for Android

Final Thought

If you feel that, you are unable to do any task without any motivation and need some external factors to complete work, use any of these motivational apps for Android to complete the task.



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