Best Android Emulators for Windows Laptop and PC

Most of us like to play games on our mobile. After introducing various gaming applications for Android and iOS platforms, you can play multiple exciting games with our fingertips. Your enjoyment will be double if you play those games on a big display. But how is it possible? Technology fulfills our many dreams. So with the help of Technology, we can run the mobile gaming applications on our computer. There are some software which are called emulators can help you to play multiple games on your PC. As I am an Android user, I have looked for this kind of software which give me a hand to play Android games on my laptop.  After using them, today I will discuss some Best Android Emulators for Windows Operating system in this article.

The Android Emulators or Android Apps Players not only help you to play games on your laptop, but they also assist you to use various applications which are not directly compatible with your operating system. Recently I have used MX Player on my laptop with the support of an Android apps player. Before starting the discussion about Android Emulators for PC, I will give an idea about this software.

What is Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is a software or an Android Apps Player which lets you run multiple Android applications on your computer without using smartphones. Even the developers can use an emulator to test their app/apps before launch launching it.

You can find plenty of emulators on the web. Selecting the right one is really a tough job. Sometimes your system may slow down if you don not choose proper emulator.  Here I have pointed out some Best Android Emulators for your PC which is powered by Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

5 Best Android Emulators for PC


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You can download this emulator free on your PC, and it can play most of the Android applications without any Smartphone.  Due to its simplicity, Bluestacks is one of the best Android Emulators for Windows OS.  The user interface of this apps player is easily managed, and you do not need any technical knowledge to use it.  With the support of Bluestacks, you can install Android Applications from Google Play store or from.APK file on your PC.

System Configuration for Blustacks

  1. Minimum Hard Disk Space 4GB and more
  2. 2GB Random Access Memory or RAM and above
  3. The graphics driver should be updated
  4. .NET Framework5 should be installed
  5. Bluestacks is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Download Bluestacks


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AMIDuOS is another Android Emulator for Windows PC. This emulator has come with two different versions. One is Lite version which packs Jellybean, and another one is Pro version which runs Lollipop. This apps player cannot be available for free, but you can download free trial editions of both of these versions. After completing the trial period, you need to purchase either PRO or Lite if you want to use AMIDuOS.

System Configuration for AMIDuOS

  1. It can work on Windows (7,8,10), and it is compatible with both system types (32bit and 64bit)
  2. 0 .NET Framework or above version
  3. Recommended RAM 3GB but it works with 2GB RAM
  4. The required Hard Disk Space is 2GB
  5. The Graphic Driver version OpenGL 3.0 or more

Download AMIDuOS


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Andy is one of free Best Android Emulators for Windows. It packs “Phone as Controller” feature which gives the facility to the players to play games using their phone instead of a gamepad.  Due to its “ARM support,” you can install any Android application in this emulator via any browser. Andy does not require any graphics card for hassle works. You can use Andy free version on your computer but it provides a business license with its PRO version, and you need to spend approx. $99 for this.

System Configuration for Andy

  1. It is compatible with Ubuntu04, Windows 7/8 and OSX 10.8
  2. You need to add 3GB RAM to run this emulator
  3. 10 GB Hard DISK Space is recommended
  4. It works on Dual Core Intel Processor

Download Andy or Andydroid


GenyMotion is one of the advanced Android Emulators for Windows PC. If you are a apps developer, then it is ideal for you. It helps you to made Android applications as well as you can test your apps on this platform before launching it. You can use the free version of Genymotion Android phone emulator but if you purchase the license then get the facility to use some tools which may help for apps development. It is made on x86 Architecture, and it is one of the fastest emulators.

 System Configuration for GenyMotion

  1. It can work with most of the popular operating systems including Windows 7,8,10, Ubuntu Linux 19.4, OSX 9.1, etc. In order to install GenyMotion on Linux, you need to add VirtualBox.
  2. Minimum 2GB RAM is recommended, you may use above
  3. Keep 100MB space in the system’s HDD

Download GenyMotion

KO Player

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KO Player is a newer emulator for computer, and it is specially designed for those who like to play Android games on their computer. KO Player packs Key Mapping feature, so it works with keyboard, and it also includes touch mapping feature.  The installing process of this emulator is quite easy, and you can play your favorite games as long as your gamepad will support. It can help you to record your favorite game, and you also get the facility to upload it later. KO Player can adjust display on the bigger screens. Not only games, with this software you can run multiple Android Applications including Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

System Configuration for KO Player

  1. KO Player is compatible with Windows XP and above version of Windows Operating System
  2. Your system needs OpenGL 2.0 Graphics Card to install it.
  3. 512MB RAM is required
  4. Hard Drive Disk space should be 3GB for installing it.

Download KO Player

Final Thought

In this article, I have made a list of 5 Best Android Emulators, but you can find more on the web. The Emulators can help you to run Android Apps on PC. I like to play games on the computer instead of phones. These Android Emulators for Windows PC give me that freedom even when I access my laptop, I do not use my phone. I can easily use some other Android Apps with the emulators.

You may pick any one from this list or search the web for another emulator to download it on your PC and run your favorite Android Applications on your Windows system. If you like this article, then drop your valuable comment here.

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