Best Android Backup Apps – Top 5 2018 Edition Apps “FREE”

Taking backups is quite common these days, and if you are still doesn’t back up your Android data via Best Android Backup Apps then you are not using this technology era, and that’s why today I am going to suggest you some of the top-notch best android backup apps without root for your Android devices.

End of this article, you will have one backup apk and data without root with you, and because you don’t need to root android, so you are not violating the guarantee of your android device. Today, I will share some of the Best Android Backup Apps 2018 collection with all of you so you can choose one for you secure your Android data direct on Cloud services.

Sometimes, we lose entire data on our phones such as memorable moments in the form of videos and photos and some important files too.  All these apps ensure that your Android data will be 100% safe. Both free and paid Backup Apps are available.

Android smartphones are easy to catch virus and malware infections, and if the virus attacks on your data, it may delete the database, so you need to make sure you Download Best Android Backup Apps for Android.

So, to avoid these losses, we all must use the Free Android Backup Apps or pay once too. You can get two different types of backup apps from Google PlayStore and save data to local storage memory. Even these applications will sync all your phone data such as photos and files to the Cloud Storage Platforms. For extra security, you can use apps that offer both features because if the storage hardware has both functionalities than your data will be safe forever.

Best Android Backup Apps 2018 Collection

So guys, below we are going to explain our hand-picked apps collection in the list of Best Android Backup Apps 2018 edition apps, each app is unique, so you can choose any one of them that suits to your needs.

  1. MCBackup – My Contacts BackupMCBackup AppIf you are searching a free backup app for Android, then My Contact Backup or MCBackup app is one of the best options for you. It can help you to back up your contacts, and you can receive the file as a .vcf format through email.

    It lets you transfer backup file from Android to iOS via mail. This app keeps your contact database secured, so you do not need to worry about any damage. You can easily restore the contact list on any mobile. You do not need to install any other application for this even you can transfer the backup file to computer without any software.

    Download MCBackup App

  1. Helium – Android Backup App

    Helium – Android Backup App

Helium is a feature-full backup app having lightweight and runs smoothly on Any Android phone. It was designed and developed by ClockWorkMod. It is damn popular in providing plenty of premium features for free of cost.

It is known as one of the best apps for backing up Android data. Whenever you run Helium Backup App, you’ll be asked to enable the option of Google Drive.

This backup app works in both root and non-root mode. All the users who never rooted their Android phones must try the Helium desktop software or the Chrome Extension for taking backup. Once you run the Helium on the PC and mobile, you can connect both devices via USB cable.

The free version of Helium backup app comes with so many useful features, and if you want to send your backup to the cloud storage, you need to upgrade to the premium version of this app.

Download Helium App

  1. Backup and Restore

    Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore app is one of the classic and tried/tested android backup app. It comes with so simple user interface as well as excellent features. It supports Google Drive Cloud Platform.

This App allows users to share apps between two different devices without a Wi-Fi router. It has an inbuilt virus scanner feature that prevents malware, worm or virus files before they enter in your phone, it kills all of them.

Download Backup & Restore App

  1. Sandisk Memory Zone

    Sandisk Memory Zone

This app is belonging to one of the top brands of memory devices manufacturers in the world, the Sandisk Memory Zone app has great designed features and an excellent user interface that shows you a thumbnail view of your backed up videos, music files, pictures, and all other stuff.

Here you need to select the files, you want to take backup with the Sandisk Memory Zone app, and apart from making backups, you can use SMZ for the bulk file transfer and compression too.

The Sandisk backup app for Android comes with an inbuilt search function to locate folders and files quickly. It supports integration with the cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive.

The app allows users to sort the list of files by the modification date, size, and name. It has a function to switch from thumbnail view to the list view.

Download Sandisk Memory Zone

  1. Easy Backup and Restore

    Easy Backup and Restore

Easy Backup and Restore is an entirely free backup app for Android, that doesn’t waste your time. When you run this app, it displays the option to create a complete backup instantly. It allows users to back up the data on their phone or tablet such as SMS, MMS, Call Logs, Calendar, Dictionary, Contacts, and much more.

It comes with 15 different language support function and has unique and easy to understand user interface. If you have the Android 2.3.3 and latest versions such as Nougat, or Oreo, then it will work fine on your phone.

Download Easy Backup and Restore App

Final Verdicts:

We hope you found this post on Best Android Backup Apps 2018 edition while looking for the query how to backup apps on Android before factory reset or data on your phone.

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