7 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android 2017

Listening to your preferred tracks for long hours is a most common thing today which most of the people among us usually do. It is the best way of reducing your mental stress and running a feeling of happiness in our lives.

Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

Most of the people use Android handset and it is a common nature of mobile users that they like to listen their favorite tracks on mobile. Being an audiophile, we sometimes do not like a particular part of some music album or song and want to replace it with some other music or just want to remove it permanently.

Now it has become easy to edit your song or some particular audio clip on Android device. Many developers bring Best Audio Editing Apps for Android phones and with the help of these applications; you can create a new sound track according to your choice. These apps include a very user-friendly interface and enable you to edit multiple tracks within a fraction of seconds.

What is the exact need of editing audio files?

You can go for editing files for many reasons; it may be due to your hobby, you can go with professional one to use it as a source of income. You can edit your audio files for fun or can use it for removing the undesired part from an audio track.

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Features of audio editing apps

  • Replace the unwanted audio portion of your required track
  • Include a very user-friendly interface
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Include easy accessibility

7 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android 2017

Google Play Store includes various best audio editing apps for android which enhances your experiences with it to the next level. 7 best and free among these are: –

MP3 Cutter

MP3 Cutter

It is one of the best audio editing apps for Android and enables you to edit your music files expediently and efficiently. This excellent application allows you to merge two different audio files to create a better and new one. You can easily cut the piece of track that you do not want to be included permanently.

Features of MP3 Cutter

  1. It has the ability to collect MP3 songs from SD Card
  2. It comes with backward and forward selectors, which can help you to cut a particular portion from a song.
  3. It lets you play a song before cutting a specific portion from it.
  4. This application enables you to save edited file in SD Card.
  5. You can set the edited song as a ringtone of your mobile.

Download MP3 Cutter for Android

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor

It is another wonderful app of audio editing for Android, and it enables you to edit files free as well as you can save the files for future use. It is one of the best audio editing apps for Android, and you can easily change the speed, pitch, and tempo, of an audio file with the help of this application. It also enables you to trim, add or remove a fade, insert silence, or remove some part of the desired audio track.

Features of Lexis Audio Editor

  1. You can save the edited files in any formats with the help of Lexis Audio Editor
  2. It allows you to mix one file with another file to create a new song track.
  3. You will get the facility to change the tempo, pitch, and speed of a song.
  4. It enables you to add fade in, fade out, add silence and trim out an audio file. Even you can get the facility to remove a portion from a song.

Download Lexis Audio Editor for Android

TapeMachine Lite Recorder

TapeMachine Lite Recorder

It is one of the most popular and Best Audio Editing Apps for Android and provides you the best results you ever had. This fantastic android app is simple to use and enables you to get the desired results in just matter of few clicks. You can easily edit files, make a copy and paste and delete some part of it with this beautiful app.

Feature of TapeMachine Lite Recorder

  1. TapeMachine packs an audio recorder and a file editor.
  2. With this app, you can copy a part of a conversion even paste that part in another conversion. Even you can delete a portion from a conversion with the help of this application.
  3. It lets you add effects like fade in, fade out, to an audio file. Even if you do not like the file after adding effects, you can get a chance to reverse and normalize it.
  4. It supports Bluetooth, so you can hear the edited file via Bluetooth without creating any disturbance for others.

Download TapeMachine Lite Recorder for Android

Caustic 3

Caustic 3

It is another Best Audio Editing Apps for Android and Caustic 3 not only allows you to edit an audio file but also enables you to get some fantastic music from it. It includes about 14 machines from where you can quickly add up to 2 effects from each to avail the best results from it. Moreover, you can also add your WAV files to it for enhancing your experience more.

Features of Caustic 3

  1. Caustic 3 maintain the automation, and it comes with an editor which has the ability to adjust recorded automation carves.
  2. It holds any uncompressed WAV file.
  3. All edited files are stored up your desired storage, and this app enables you to add your WAV file to BeatBox, Vocoder, and PCMSynth.
  4. PCMSynth can support SoundFont file and FL Studio mobile instrument.

Download Caustic 3 for Android

Media converter

Media Converter

It is one of another Best Audio Editing Apps for Android and costs nothing for making your music interesting. You can now easily edit your media files as per your choice and also convert various media formats to another.

Features of Media Converter

  1. Media Converter enables you to cut or trim a media file even you will get the facility to extract the audio from a media file.
  2. It lets you crop a portion from a video, and you can rotate the video file to watch it properly.
  3. You can get the chance to select the parameter for video or audio bit, frame, resolution, etc.

Download Media converter for Android

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Free)

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This fantastic Android application enables you to do a large number of editing and setting options in your desired audio files. You can now easily edit, remove; customize your desired audio file so that to extract the best results from it. The best element of Hi-Q MP3 Recorder is that it also allows you to share the edited tracks with your friends through various media sources.

Features of Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Free)

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder comes with a simple interface. You can access a red button to start using this app immediately.
  2. Every recording clip will be saved in MP3 file and easily accessible on most of the devices.
  3. It comes with a feature of automatic uploading the file to Dropbox and Google drive, so your recording files are saved, and you can get enough space to record lectures, conversation, concerts,
  4. You can get different widgets on the home screen of your mobile to pause, start and resume the audio files.

Download Hi-Q MP3 Recorder for Android

WavePad Audio Editor Free

WavePad Audio Editor Free

It is another wonderful app, which enables you easily edit your favorite track within a matter of just a few clicks. For availing the facilities, you can easily avail this fantastic application from the Google Play Store.

Features of WavePad Audio Editor

  1. WavePad Audio Editor holds enormous formats containing AIFF, Wave, etc.
  2. It supports every editing works like cut, copy, trim and much more.
  3. You can use many effects like normalize, amplify, echo, in the new audio file with the help of this app.

Download WavePad Audio Editor Free for Android

Editing of various audio files can be a task or hobby whose primary focus is to extract the best audio file from multiple sources. We have mentioned above the 7 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android, and you can easily select from the list the desired one for making your track perfect and more interesting to listen.

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