10 Content Management Systems Those are Rocked

Hardly there are businesses that are looking for building websites with few static pages. Today websites look for more web pages in a website. Previously, developing more pages requires hard coded HTML and CSS knowledge and specialized software to upload the files to the server.

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With the advent of time, today developing a website is very easy. Thanks to Content Management System, that has introduced the revolution. This software packages allows the users to organize, publish, modify and maintain content on a website. It does not require much technical expertise. One just needs to install a CMS, choose a domain name, share inputs in the template and get on to a web server with a new look. However, nothing is perfect so you cannot term any CMS as the best, but some are definitely popular than the rest. Here is a list of ten CMS that you must be looking for in 2016 –


This management software is based on PHP and MySQL to create blog and website. From installation to administration, wordpress makes everything hassle-free. You can browse from a thousand plugins and themes to transform your site in minutes.


This open-source CMS used for publishing content with the use of object-oriented programming, various software design pattern, stores data in MS SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL Database. It is based on PHP and has a striking interface with in-built menus.


Popular for small business, Radiant comes with best plugins and extensions, layouts, custom tagging language, various templates with snippets. This is built on popular Ruby on Rails. It has own Template language Radius, which is similar to HTML.


This is used to manage content on informational sites, social media sites, web applications and other member sites. This CMS helps to enrich various modules with the use of various plugins and provides customized needs.


An easy to control content management system based on SaaS to compose blogging platform, hosting services and website builders. This comes with comprehensive features such as search engine optimization, traffic analysis, etc. This software based on JSON template language and has a greater interface.


This standard compliant and well-structured CMS arrangement, which designers often chooses for their simplicity. TextPattern comes with convenient features to offer users, designers, administrators with the use of textile markup to create HTML elements within the page.


This is developed by EllisLab and one of the most flexible and elegant CMS with the ability to design template in-house and manage multiple authors. Their Templating engine has some custom SQL queries, built-in versioning system and global variables.


Provides the best web based management system that allows users to make changes in different parts of the websites. This is built on the PHP and comes with the unique features such as native SEO support and content version control.


More than 100,000 websites runs on this version and even the non-techncial presents can handle it without any trouble. Above all you do not require any plugin to control the SEO modules.


It is open source software gives freedom to designers and based on ASP.Net. This open API gives full access to customize back-end applications, but does not provide any pre-built themes for the front ends.

Wrapping up

So, this year perk up your website with the best CMS platforms and handle it all by yourself. No need to have any technical expertise, just choose the one that will help to promote your product and service in the best way.

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